Need For Speed – Most Wanted Black Edition Patch

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Need For Speed – Most Wanted Black Edition Patch

it is sad to see that the most wanted series has been shoved into the back seat for so long. while there were a few games that came out since the series last hit the shelves, the fact that the most wanted series hasn’t been touched since the 2000’s is a shame. i’ve been following the series since it began in 2001, and i have a hard time believing that this is the best most wanted ever made. this game has so much potential, and i’m sure that they’ll be a few more games in the series before long. i’m disappointed that we have to wait until the series gets back into gear to get the best most wanted game ever made. i’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll see a follow-up to this game sometime this year.

with the removal of the main source of power for the previous patch, we felt the need to change up her gameplay and the kit is now used as a counter to the newer “xerath” based assassin. tibbers is now an ultimate counter to that killer, allowing annie to quickly eliminate potential threats and lend her team support. tibbers can cast guardian angel on himself, which will grant him 3 stacks of pyromania and consume any stack of pyromania on annie to restore her guardian angel. tibbers can also cast stasis as well, which will root an enemy for 30 seconds.

for the most part, this patch is targeted to those who have, or have had, a modded game. if you haven’t, then go ahead and reinstall (or reinstall the modded game), but i highly recommend you to at least uninstall the game from your computer, or use something like revo uninstaller. this will help you save space on your hard drive and your system will feel a lot faster.