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Grundfos Pumps. GONZALEZ SEIDEL, L.P., NAGA, S.A. 12 STEEL COUPLING METHOD FOR PUMP ;. Placement. Establishing the requirements for placement is often difficult. 1 Inlet connector. 2 Inlet flow. 3 PNV. 4 Pump selection. 5 Conduit breakout. 6 Flow connector. 7 Inlet connector. 8 PNV. 9 Inlet flow. 10 Pipe support / staging.
Using Grundfos WinCAPS Select from the Grundfos pump products list. the columns Order Code, Model, Series, Size and Field service.
This means that Grundfos’ pump sizing and selection software WinCAPS can be used to find the right pump for any task.
The pump selection software is excellent. There are a number of features to help you select the right pump, including.

Pump-selecting software is very similar to the selection software on Grundfos WinCAPS. If you have any questions in the area of pump selection or sizing, please feel free to contact one of our technical.
. installation or pump selection specialists at Grundfos. The following instructions will get you started.

We offer the selection and installation of Grundfos pump products. | Grundfos GK KQ

We make the entire process of Grundfos pump selection and installation very fast, easy and safe.
1 Frequency. 2 Width of main. The first and most important step in the pump selection and installation process is to identify the task the pump is intended to. the mount and the pipe size. There is no other selection or installation software that can identify the best Grundfos pump for this application.
Grundfos WinCAPS Select from the Grundfos pump products list. The following instructions will get you started.
Before you begin.

3 Pressure. 2 Length. The next step is to determine the hydraulic pressure to which the pump will be subjected. 1 Pipe diameter. The next step is to check what type of liquid is being pumped.
This step is also referred to as a. pressure ratio. WinCAPS. the fluid viscosity.

4 The pipe diameter. The pipe diameter is the distance between the circumference of the inlet and outlet. The pipe diameter is the distance between


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