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i tried to setup the belkin router myself (had never setup a wifi router before), but it was kind of hard to figure out what buttons to push in the configuration. finally, i called the guy that sold me the router to get help. it was a lot easier to buy the router at best buy. then, i called best buy to get some help. they may not be an expert in setting up wifi routers, but they have lots of experience in other things. they were able to find a problem with my router and fix it. then, i took the router back to the best buy – he double checked everything and told me the warranty had expired. he even took the router back to get a $30 coupon for it (which i used on something else). i got the router back and the problem was fixed. if you can get a hold of best buy they can save you a lot of time and trouble.

i got them from my isp for free, plus they were pretty cheap, the price of ~$8 + $9 shipping should be more than enough to pay for their time. they even responded within 24 hours, and they were able to fix my problem in less than an hour. plus they sent me a product id number to report their solution so that they wouldn’t have to enter my computer, and i don’t have to buy their software for now. (and let’s not forget the american thing that they’re not allowed to log into peoples’ computers).

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