If you are considering using a compressor plug-in for your production, you should definitely get a professional mastering compressor. While you can use the built-in compressor on your software-based DAW, it will provide inferior sound quality to what a professionally mastering-suite compressor would. This is where bestsoniccomp offers the best product for your needs: the bestsonic mastering compressor (
Bestsonic’s MSC-6 compressor is based on the SSL model 4876. This model is known as an “EQ Compressor.” It also has two channel modes (2- or 4-channel). It offers 24 dB of Gain Reduction, with a -10 dB Flat Switch. If you don’t know what this means, let me explain. If you use an audio compressor, your gain reduction is usually much greater than -10 dB. You would want a compressor with a gain reduction of 12 dB, or more. If you use a -10 dB, you are only going to be able to reduce your gain by 10 dB, which is very little. This is also why a compressor with a negative gain reduction is usually called a “Gain Ramp Compressor”. So, a -10 dB compressor is not a “compressor” at all, but more like an Equalizer. To be honest, a compressor with 24 dB Gain Reduction is one of the best Equalizers out there.
Bestsonic has also included 8-band parametric EQ in the MSC-6. This is actually what the SSL model 4876 originally had. Bestsonic has done a great job here. You can really tailor this EQ to your own individual taste, and it sounds great. Just like the compressor, this EQ has both 2- and 4-channel modes.
This compressor has an amazing ability to completely control the transient response of your signal. This is a very important part of compression. If you don’t do this, your compressed signal will sound harsh.
The Bestsonic Mastering compressor also includes an added VU meter. This is especially good for mastering. It also includes a Send/Return. This is a great tool to help you remove any unwanted hums from your audio.
The MSC-6 really has it all. It is an amazing compressor with a lot of great features. It sounds great with virtually any type of music. You can use it on vocals 70238732e0

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– Very simple to operate
– Easy to set up
– Easily attaches to all types of Windows 7 themes
– Works with all versions of Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
– Create different music tempo presets
– Create different music patterns for your themes
– Make your own skins
– Customize any music that you have in your music library
– Create different sets of sounds for your skins
– Store preset skins
– Auto download music that is not already in your playlist
– Create your own music patterns with a metronome
– Store patterns you create to your presets library
– Use as a music player
– Repeat all tracks
– Auto play music
– Export and save skins
– Create patterns
– Import skins
– Help file
– Calendar function
– Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
– Midi file format (in.mid format)
– 3rd-party app for changing tempo
– 3rd-party app for creating sound effects
– Media Player Classic
– Virtual Assistant or other 3rd-party music player
– Winamp 3.6.5 or later
How to activate the key macro:
– Open Keymacro
– Select input (select instrument to assign keyboard to the input)
– Select output (select instrument to assign keyboard to the output)
– Press X button for help file

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