Xclm.exe Xc8

yes, as you know, we can use the sha-256 hash of the software (in this case xclm.exe) to verify the validity of the license key. this will not break the license. it will only be a security measure, for protection of the license key itself.

beware, from reading the source of microchip, xclm.exe is also a swxcc16 compiler binary, created by this files cc1plus.exe, cc1.exe and lto1.exe, and you need to run this 3 files to run the compiler, which means you need the swxcc16 executable. you can’t use this files to generate swxcc16 with gcc or with clang. so you can’t use the gpl xclm.exe without running the swxcc16 binary, which is not gpl. and it’s the same for xclm.exe itself, it’s another swxcc16 compiler binary, and it’s not gpl. there is only one swxcc16 compiler and it’s not distributed.

in the above case, if you want to use the swxcc16 compiler, you can use the vxclm.exe provided by microchip. this file is source code of microchip compiler and the only reason it is not gpl is the “classic” license (as they say, this legacy license) of microchip.

the old xc license manager executable is not open source, it is proprietary microchip software. the new xc license manager, xclm.exe, is open source and allows license checking of xc compilers. however, xc license manager is for xc16 (and xc18, not sure) and you have to use the swxcc16 compiler to use the xclm.exe.

if you have the swxcc16 binary already in the same directory as the xclm.exe, you can use this swxcc16 binary to compile your code. openmplab x will detect the license and generate a valid license file for your code.

found a way to get tool lm32flx.exe program from Hex-Rays or Cerration for free, and in the same way i found a way to get xclm.exe program FREE. From the program program how ever i dunno where xclm.exe program from. You need a new Microchip lm32 toolset. This is the only way i found.
Xclm.exe Xc8 perchitecture get this included with the device itself, so you can use your existing toolchain to develop for your xclk32 based device. You can use the gcc-arm-none-eabi toolchain from microchip. The versions of xclm.exe that come with the gcc-arm toolchain are older than the microchip one. The main difference is that the free compiler produced by xclm.exe is not signed by microchip, but they are located in same directory.
I will compile version 1.20 and 1.21 xc8. Open a terminal (Win+R type “cmd”). Run this batch file (path: C:\xclk32\\xclm.exe). Change the backslash before C: and change \xclk32 to your Xclm.exe path.
xclm.exe xc8 $S0XXDEV$S0XXCOM$S0XX