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Virtual Canine Anatomy Full Version

Teaching of Veterinary Anatomy developed the Virtual Canine Anatomy platform in order to deliver a contemporary, educational, accurate, and well-supported teaching resource for veterinary courses. Virtual Canine Anatomy can be integrated in any activity, including the teaching and learning of veterinary anatomy and can be used standalone applications used for student review. Virtual anatomy of the head is based on the anatomy of a dog (German Shepherd), skeleton and muscles are rendered from axial and 3D CT scans, soft tissue scans help to simulate skin and muscle anatomy, and the texture of the muscle is determined by the resolution of the CT scan allowing users to interact with the muscle volume. There is an insertable head (skeleton and muscles) that can be moved manually, which makes it possible to rapidly demonstrate any bone structure of the skull or specific muscles of the head. Such movement can be shown in virtual sectioning and animation (3D reconstruction in real time) to help students and students to understand the anatomy. The application also provides methods for drawing structures and exporting the information into conventional textbooks. Thanks to interactive features, the application can link structures with their descriptions on documentation pages. These tools help students to study the anatomy more quickly and easier, and reinforce learning of the course.

The application is held for desktop and mobile devices in both English and German (or English, German, or even French and Spanish). Users interact with the application using the keyboard (or virtual control sticks using ultra-low-latency wireless mice or touch from a smartphone), and can interactively touch a bone and feel the pressure required to make a virtual cut, or to look at any section in any plane by rotating the section, or looking at all the structures simultaneously at once by rotating the CT scan. Users can print sections and anatomy books, or check whether any structure is present. The application can work offline and features are presented in a manner that is interactive and adapts to the available power and available memory.[chingliu-serial-key-keygen-[patched