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“Angels vs Demons” is a free to play, real-time strategy game. It is set in the magnificent fantasy world of the Crusades.
Your goal is to save the angels. You have to protect all magic towers from demons.
Angels – brave and beautiful fighters that move at a high speed and can grab enemy units.
Demons – mean and slim creatures that move slowly, are quick to attack, and have strong attacks.
Game center
– Replay – the statistics of the game and achievements.
– Your stats – access to your statistics.
– For PC:
1. Play directly from the website
2. Download page from Playflare (
3. Download page from Desura (
– For Mac:
1. Play directly from the website
2. Download page from Playflare (
About Playflare:
Playflare is a freeware download website with millions of games available in different categories. We’re working hard to give you the best games on the web! We’re not just talking about giving you big, beautiful games, but games that are also clean and well optimized for your favorite devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod, etc).
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Important info:
*This free game is ad-supported. We respect every player’s choice and we will never give up the right of choice
*This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased with real money.
*The download link for this free game will be available in your email, don’t fret, we won’t send you junk emails.
*Paypal Payments,


Features Key:

  • Project made with the Unreal Engine 4
  • Unrepentant dive into the twisted devious mind of developer aortiz77
  • Japanese language vocal audio (thanks to the one and only salamander212)
  • In case you want to listen to the music with english vocals instead of japanese…
    • this is a project created from scratch with the default ingame ingame music files so if you want the audio of the ingame japanese track just choose ingame by default
    • Youtube Video
  • Music genre: Refreshing yet insightful
  • I do love both pop and electronic music.
  • Hope you enjoy it anyways!
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    You can collect Runes of Power that grow in size and energy and can be combined to create Runes of Power that allow you to create even more Runes, which in turn can be combined to create even more Runes.
    You can create more Runes by collecting Runes of Power that you obtain from defeating vampires in the underground during the course of game play.
    More Runes of Power can be collected by damaging and defeating enemies during the course of game play.
    More Runes of Power can be earned by collecting resources and defeating enemies during the course of game play.
    More Runes of Power can be obtained by combining Runes of Power to create new Runes of Power.
    More Runes of Power can be obtained by performing other actions with Runes of Power, such as equipping them to runesweeps.
    From Runes of Power, you can add Runes to your Runesweep to create a more powerful one.
    You can sell Runes of Power for Rune Coins at the Storung Stav in Ulthos to earn Rune Coins.
    More Runes of Power can be purchased at the Torbjorn Wine Exchange in Ubersreik, Rune Knights Guild in Riften, or the Seidir Witch’s in Markarth. These Runes of Power can be used to create Runes that can be placed on the Transmute button of your Runesweep to create the Runes of Power that you need when fighting enemies.
    The Dragon Armor Recipe:
    To create the Dragon Armor Recipe, you will need the following Runes of Power:
    Rune of Power: Lesser Vitality
    Rune of Power: Greater Vitality
    Rune of Power: Lesser Strength
    Rune of Power: Greater Strength
    Rune of Power: Lesser Stamina
    Rune of Power: Greater Stamina
    Rune of Power: Lesser Magic
    Rune of Power: Greater Magic
    The Dragon Armor Recipe will appear on the Dragon Armor RECIPE in RUNE II: Decapitation Edition.
    – Rune of Power: Lesser Vitality. Magic damage to enemies and heals Gunnar for 24 hit points every 5 seconds. If Gunnar uses Blood Magic, his health heals for 7 hit points per second.
    – Rune of Power: Greater Vitality. Gunnar gains the ability to cast Critical Strike once every second for 4 seconds when he attacks with a basic attack.
    – Rune of Power: Lesser Strength. Gunnar’s strength is increased by 20 for 20 seconds. This bonus increases every second, up to a maximum of +20


    What’s new in The Pillar:

    Pet Dragon

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    In the year 2065, the world we know is gone, replaced by a dark, lonely landscape – a mysterious monochrome nightmare of empty flying cities, drained lakes and abandoned seas, a planet divided.
    From the lands of Temporis, the Doomsayers lead an uprising against the Nova Prime Council. Armed with ancient technologies, the Doomsayers roam the wasteland and prepare to take revenge on the whole of humanity.
    The only survivors will be a handful of climbers whose rock climbing skills have saved their lives. Making their way through the dark interiors of the abandoned cities, they are fighting for their lives.
    In the final round, only one team will be left to fight against The Doomsayers. Their only hope: A mysterious ship hovering in the night sky, a piece of technology which might hold the key to their survival.
    If they can unlock the secret of its workings, if they can understand the speech of the aliens who discovered this strange object, they might be able to gather the necessary skills to turn their ship against The Doomsayers.
    But they are unlikely to survive the ordeal.
    Key Features:
    Advanced Climbing Mechanics – An advanced climber can move and climb up complex rock faces and traverse steep and towering boulders with ease.
    High-Performance Climbing-Using special traits and bonuses, advanced climbers can reach higher and never fall again.
    Dynamic and Unpredictable Environment – Each time you climb a peak you move onwards, and each peak you climb is completely different from the one before. The same goes for the area below you. After you’ve ascended, you won’t ever be able to predict where you will be able to climb next, or what you will encounter on the way.
    Real-Time Gameplay and Unforgiving Enemy AI – The match-3 gameplay takes full advantage of the unique environmental challenges, with a challenging AI system to ensure you always have to think on your toes.
    Path to the Top – Play the game solo, or drop in and out of the game with your friends.
    Gameplay and Climbing
    The game is played using match-3 tile puzzles.
    You start out with 3 tiles. You have to match 3 or more tiles together to cut off the current row. These tiles can be found inside environments, or you can also get them as rewards when you climb.
    Climb upwards to higher levels, and get more powerful tiles.
    Advanced and Expert Climbers
    Unlike most match-3 games, the gameplay


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