Auras: Ancient Spirits brings back the roleplaying genre to the Xbox platform!
Your party is summoned to an ancient temple, the Castrum de Roto, to confront the manifestations of its dark past. This ceremony is held every year, to honor those that dare to face the spirits of the old temple, taking on the form of their dead ancestors…
Here you will face bizarre puzzles with a new deck of cards: These cards are played into an item-to-card interface that allows you to chain cards together for complex matches.
The game has an intricate system of powers in which you can use in order to beat monsters, solve puzzles and overcome all challenges.
You have to decide which of the four playable characters, each of them with their own talent, will go into the Castrum.Q:

Sketch RNN Turing Machine

I’m trying to understand Turing machine example about LSTM on the first lecture of Dan Levy’s Spiking Neural Networks course. However I don’t understand how the sketch works? Can anyone explain it using a linear algebra example?


Let the input be $x_i$ where $i = 1, 2, 3,…$.
When $x_i = ‘0’$ then $y_i$ = ‘0’
When $x_i = ‘1’$ then $y_i$ = ‘1’
When $x_i = ‘.’$ then $y_i$ = ‘.’

There are two recurrent neural nets: The one that takes the input as ‘0’ or ‘1’ and the other one that takes input as ‘.’
This is used in the presentation of RNN with LSTM.
So the forward pass is same for both the recurrent nets.
The input of the recurrent nets is ‘1’ or ‘.’, and the output is ‘0’ or ‘1’ depending on the inputs.
The transition function in the LSTM is not linear algebra per se, but it is given by the equations of the neural net.



Features Key:

  • A modern dungeon excavator with lab data mining.
  • Load balancing for better visuals and better gameplay.
  • Friendly UI.
  • Much more.
  • About the Game Key Features:

    • The game key features the “unlock all lab missions” function.
    • To scan the living dungeon data, you must firstly take one of the two living dungeons missions (see the game play video for further details).
    • To unlock and access “all lab missions”, you must scan twice within one game day. (As one would scan to open one of the save rooms in between, the advantage of this is that you would be two times faster to scan all the living dungeons than the usual dungeon scan speed (time of one scan takes about 12 hours)).

    The game key contains

    • Scanner (0x5CB50A1 – 0xE47E218)
    • Map (0x6EB608C – 0x6EB9EFA)
    • Key (0x5F2DAC4 – 0x5F4DB27)
    • 20 Living Dungeon Packs with 5 Living Dungeon Missions (0xCA9C178 – 0xCA9C382)
    • 5 Living Dungeon Missions (0xE1D2184 – 0xE1D3337) – See the game play video for further details.

    How to get <#activedungeon>– Game Key

    • Get the game key through your email.
    • Input the provided key code in the game.
    • Use the Living Dungeon missions to access the living dungeon missions.
    • To scan multiple dungeons for a faster traveling speed, it is recommended to firstly scan the first two dungeons (see the game play video for further details).

    How to scan <#activedungeon


    The Living Dungeon Crack + [Mac/Win]

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    Unlike other games of its type, The Living Dungeon employs boardgame-like rules and game mechanics designed to support a social component that enhances the gaming experience. The core experience is quite simple and classic. You play as a troop of adventurers who are hired by a powerful mage known as the Defender. You and your adventurers are dropped into a dungeon (the dungeon is provided to you in a custom-designed housing) and you have one simple task. Destroy your opponent’s dungeon. In order to accomplish this task, you must try to complete quests, gather loot and defeat monsters. The dungeons can vary greatly in size and complexity, as you can create a vast world, a small dungeon or anything in-between, and up to seven players can join in on the experience. The Living Dungeon is designed to be played in person with players taking on the roles of the heroes themselves. When you play, you can represent your hero in the game or alternate between a role representing your dungeon. The party represents your army of adventurers, which must be led by a powerful “master” (your hero). Each adventure is unique and important. The longer your party stays alive, the stronger they will become. The longer a player or an army lives, the more loot they can steal from the dungeon and pick up along the way.
    Key Features:
    • Random dungeons that vary in size and complexity between games.
    • Custom-designed housing for the dungeon, with multiple story areas that can be built on or near a central theme of your choosing.
    • The ability to customize your dungeon, allowing you to design your own rules and questing structure.
    • Up to 7 players can play at a time.
    • A full campaign with its own story and a large world containing over fifty dungeons.
    • Assemble your party of heroes and lead them into battle against evil.
    • A simple and intuitive system allowing even new gamers to learn the game quickly.
    • Adjustable difficulty levels with challenge boosters for advanced players.
    • A high player-to-player connection where friends and allies assist each other and push each other to success.
    • A story-centric progression and difficulty-based experience to keep even advanced players challenged.
    • Intelligent AI opponents that will challenge even the best players.
    About This Game Designers:
    The Living Dungeon was created by the creative team behind another unique game design, The Living Cavern. This team has a decade-long history of creating unique and entertaining game experiences


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    An Over The Top Action Adventure.What’s to Like:

    – Similar to Quest for Glory in its style of game play and development– Has some of the best writing of any game I’ve played. It’s this easy to get lost in this game.– Main character Drox has amazing voice acting and characterization ––Storyline is very tight and the writing is very entertaining.– The game play and world building is great.– You only need a PC to play this game, not a console.– Playable on Xbox 360 and Windows PC.– There is a ton of voice acting in this game, I would expect no less from Brash Games.What’s Not:

    – The graphics are not as impressive as other games in this genre –– The choice to put a Gunzerk set of items in game does make the game harder to pickup for people that aren’t familiar with it. Overall the game is very difficult and can easily discourage new players.It is easily the most difficult game I have ever played that was developed for the Xbox. 7.5 GamePlay The Dead Planet:

    A Fast-paced Sci-Fi FPS.What’s to Like:

    – Some of the best weapons of any game I’ve played – A cool futuristic vision of the future.– A new concept and emphasis on online play. Everything you play on Xbox 360 is available to play online– Controls were very easy to pick up. What’s not:

    – Textures are somewhat difficult to see in game. The lack of a hud makes it difficult to know what you’re looking at.– The weapon combos are very punishing. The fun of the game is taken away with this.– The game has only three levels but they’re great.

    -Storyline is simple but you can make it deeper if you want.– An interesting concept that works great in this game. The online play is easily the most difficult game I’ve played in any genre.– Controls are easy to pick up and play.What’s Not:

    -Unfortunately the game is only for Xbox 360. This makes it extremely difficult to try the game out before you buy it –– Game is a little too short. It ends very abruptly with a storyline that has not been set up. It’s better if you have to play this game a couple of times to fully grasp the concept –– There is not a single piece of voice acting in the game. This is disappointing. If it was like Hero’s Quest in that you only need it to read a line


    What’s new in The Living Dungeon:

    : Creature System


    7 May 2017

    The living dungeon article brought up a few questions that I would like to address (thanks for the great questions!) in my next post: thing are using a creature system that I’m currently adding into my code. It has been a while since my last one, and since there was some feedback on creatures from the first one, this time I want to focus on other aspects!

    In my first blog post, I added a

    “game block” that provided a number of methods that I

    used for spawning creatures (like headlaing, running, attacking, etc.).

    In this post, we’ll see a number of other creatures that you can set up under a tree, like a snake or ant.

    These will be useful in later posts, but as an example, here is a sample tree with 3 of them working together:

    This is the system that I currently have under development in the code:

    1) A stats block, and a reference to a block in the code that defines the stats (Map.AddEntities);

    2) A



    tiger has about 130 different individual values, each of which has multiple functions.

    (For example, you can treat it as a passive block or a rolling logistic, or you can used its jump height as a unit height.)

    There are a few different large numbers that can be built up into the tiger.

    (This is all optional, but I like to play with options to make the game more complicated!)

    A basic step-by-step breakdown of spawning a live animal from code is as follows:

    The creature system will have a text file that defines thousands of combinations of array items in one list. This could be a specific animal or a general solution; for this post, we will assume a generic “Creature” type. You can make separate entries for multiple animals, but here we will assume that you are using a generic “Animal” and will make lists of 1-800 and 1-400 for lists of animals that you use.

    This implementation will implement as a Pass-through. You will modify the core code to reference the creature, modify the pressure (or other functions), and the character will call a CreaturePassMethod in the CreatureContainer (which is an array of monsters).


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