You are a small ship, made of sugar cubes. Your crew is made of thousands of sugar cubes, all assigned a role. Set your cubes to move in various directions and set them loose to attack the adversary’s crew.
If a cube is destroyed or gets stuck in the action, they will go to a “spare” part of the arena where you are given more specific instructions.
It’s a brave new world where crystals meet planks.
Sweet Surge is a Spacedock Entertainment Game from Delsin Leasure.


Sweet Surge is a card game where you control your sugar cube team. You navigate the endless ocean of Cioko where you will face randomly generated crews of various sizes, including larger teams of crew. But you’re only a crew of sugar cubes, so you must design each of your cubes to excel in their attacks, and assign effects to each of the cubes’ attacks.

At the beginning of an encounter you will construct your ship, lay out anchors near the enemy and block the crew’s way to victory. At this point, the enemy crew will set their own course. Every turn, you will work together with your crew to steer your ship and attack the enemy’s crew.

As you pursue the enemy, you will encounter new players and face all sorts of strange challenges. Each encounter will have randomized locations, opponents, and events. But you must create a team of sugar cubes with all the right gear to win the encounter.


Sweet Surge was released on Steam on July 9, 2017. It was previously on Greenlight from 2013 to 2017.


June 24, 2019 – The first major update since the game’s Steam release on July 9, 2017
-Added new items: Rope, Dash, and Driller
-As a team, cubes can now attack by performing actions
-Players can now discuss new features and suggestions in the Discord chat. Join the Discord at
-Added a basic deck builder interface to help players create sugar cube decks

June 22, 2019 – First update! Included some missing game-asset/branding updates.

June 12, 2019 – Update with some large changes including the addition of a profile view, a major code rewrite, and major bug fixes. This update was made after the Phobos update.

June 8, 2019 – Update with some bug fixes and a poll on the Steam forums to allow voting on changes


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      NOTE: This game has been made very close to the experience of playing this game for our backers, and it may not be fully completed. To ensure you’re playing the full game, please wait for the game to launch! The game is multiplayer, so you will need at least 2 people to play this game.
      Relive the 80’s with the best of what made that time so amazing. This early graphic adventure game was released in 1986, on the Commodore 64, a 16 bit computer that you may have been a fan of. Just as a reminder, the computer displayed on the screen very slowly due to having a lower graphical quality! The main character is Trevor, a child who’s father is dead, and his mother is a penniless alcoholic. Trevor must venture into his childhood home, in order to find the memories that may have been lost in order to continue on in life.
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      Note: You can play the game without unlocking all the trophies, as there are still a good amount of trophies to be found, but it will look rather empty when you’re done.
      About Us:

      published:15 Apr 2017


      For the past four years, we have


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