Hpbq138 Patched.zip


Hpbq138 Patched.zip

HPBQ138.zip is an archived self extractor. The trick is this one. It lies in the case of the zip. Inside the zip file is a xor encrypted file. You have to change this file with the correct pass-phrase. The pass phrase is printed on the key label just next to the lock. HPBQ138.EXE basically unpacks the zip (pressing F4 unpacks it) and executes the program. It looks for the key label just next to the lock.

HP BQ138 dmifit: I have also created my own version of dmifit and have it in a zipped executable. This is a 64-bit executable file and that is the file you need. HPBQ138d.exe it is not the same thing as HPBQ138.exe it is a.exe file in a zip folder. It is not zip password. That is has a password. There is no password on it the zip is in the main folder. It is not password protected. Then you unzip it. Now all the contents of the zip folder are in the folder. HPBQ138d.exe dmifit with error: hpbq138d.exe (xx32-xx64) could not run on this platform. You should manually patch the game.

running this utility on a windows 10 pro system. Hpbq138 worked with another HP system the same way and I run this utility all the time. I have seen similar issues where this error returns as well, but it’s usually with the HPBQ138.EXE utility having multiple files. The files are being used or would be used in conjunction with this utility. Thank you and please keep the articles coming – I’m learning so much – as I did from HP support.

i used HPBQ138.EXE – a patch utility to patch a.EXE file that works within dos. After following the instructions for using hpbq138 to patch the file, i came to the last step where you say to run the utility as administrator, but it doesnt work that way for dos so it wont work with my system.. i tried to execute it using the dos command prompt and got the error state that this utility is not compatible with my system.. is there any other way to patch this file, other than the hpbq138 utility?

The installer HPBQ138 requires a serial number to be entered before the softwaredownload. So here is the recommended strategy for using HPBQ138.exe:1. Press F11 right before the operating system loads.2. Enter you serial number.3. Save the registry file for future reference.4. Save HPBQ138.exe to your desktop and create a shortcutto it.5. Press F11 again to load the operating system without the serial number.6. After you enter the serial number press F11 again and the installer will automatically begin.
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I highly doubt this utility will work on a newer notebook such as yours. The attachment is right above the blue Reply button. HPBQ138.zip 37 KB. Solution: finally fixed it, wouldn’t lock MPM mode, but got it to after. can not be executed on this platform I am using the HPBQ138.
I highly doubt this utility will work on a newer notebook such as yours. The attachment is right above the blue Reply button. HPBQ138.zip 37 KB. Solution: finally fixed it, wouldn’t lock MPM mode, but got it to after.