Everything running on your computer uses some amount of a particular resource. Summing all of them up, the PC can easily become overburdened. However, you can keep an eye on resource usage to prevent crashes with the help of specialized applications like Systemometer, with tons of customization options, and monitoring areas.
Quick initial setup
It takes only a little while for the application to get installed on your computer, and effort required is minimum. However, you do need to make sure that the computer you use it on is fitted with .NET Framework for things to work out just fine, even though it’s a default feature in modern Windows iterations.
The application reserves most of the space to display values accordingly. All of them are shown on the same dial, split into different sections, depending on the number of items you choose to keep track of.
Thorough visual, and monitored areas customization
On the bright side of things, the application is capable of looking over an impressive variety of areas, such as CPU, total number of processes, and threads, physical, and virtual memory, registry space usage, total disk space usage, each disk space usage, total, or individual hard disk drive access time, and more. In addition, a thorough editor allows you to manually add commands, and monitors.
Customization options are also an important feature. Although there aren’t any different design styles for the dial, the application gives you the possibility to choose the level of details to display, such as percentage, values, and text, set fonts, and color options, or thoroughly customize line shape, size, color, even for critical boundaries to make it easy to identify areas under pressure.
To end with
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Systemometer is a powerful system monitor utility fitted with a fully customizable design, both in terms of visuals, and technical details. It can, by default, monitor almost everything using system resources, showing them in a neat dial, with options to also save activity logs to file.







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System resource monitor utility with a powerful preset logger, managing a ton of common resources.

Customizable design to match your personal preferences, with options to even customize the dial looks, and manage settings with a plethora of options.

Quickly and easily monitor your system, choosing a number of things, and then either automatically start monitoring, or schedule it to run at a specified time, with options to set an alarm as well.

Probably the most powerful monitoring application.

Systemometer – System Resource Monitor is a powerful and extremely versatile utility, capable of monitoring several areas, such as CPU and Memory, as well as logging detailed details about system activity. Systemometer allows you to monitor the resources used by every running program, with precise and detailed information, such as the process name and program version, CPU, physical, and virtual memory, registry, shared memory, as well as bandwidth consumption, total physical disk space, and other. It also gives you the ability to easily customize what to monitor, what to show, as well as save the logs, and set alarms.
The application is easy to use, and can be fully customized, allowing you to match your personal preferences, and have everything in a single, neat, and easy to read dial. The application is in default set to only log the most intensive areas of your system, saving the rest automatically.
System Resource Monitor – Application is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. It has a minimum requirement of Windows 10, but is fully supported in Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, as well as all modern Windows versions.
Important features:

Monitor internal and external resources

Very precise monitoring details

Detailed information about resources – process name, program version, process CPU, memory, registry, shared memory, virtual memory, and bandwidth

Detailed logging

Completely customizable design

File and data logging

Powerful preset logging

Powerful filtering to remove unwanted items

Alarm functionality

Customizable settings

Excludes applications and volumes

Automatically logs most used data

The program is downloaded and installed via the Windows Store.

Have you ever needed to monitor the resources of a system, or wanted to know how much data all programs and services are consuming, while you were sleeping, so as not to sleep through your alarm? If your answer is a resounding “yes”, then you might have been eyeing System Resource

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Systemometer is a monitoring utility that allows you to monitor your PC’s resources in more detail than just a spiffy web page, helping you spot areas that are overwhelmed with resources quickly. Before you get too excited though, let’s see what this beautifully designed application has to offer:
1. Automatic monitoring
Systemometer comes with built-in monitoring, and includes a number of features that assist you in identifying which resources can be upgraded or otherwise fixed. It monitors your PC system resources, and shows all of them on a single dial. Everything goes beyond that:
If one of the parts such as your CPU, memory, or hard drive fails, you can instantly see whether this will impact your programs. In addition, if you have any of your critical resources, like your CPU, motherboard, processor, graphics card, memory, hard drive, network card, floppy drive, USB port, CD/DVD drive, video card, or power supply, you can get notified of this, and notify the administrator. Just add the monitoring option to your desired settings, and you’re all set.
If you’re in a group of six or more users with shared folders, Disk Usage Analyzer can monitor these folders, and the shared spaces, to show you which one is under pressure. All of your settings and monitoring options are stored in the resource log, which you can access at any time, even after the application is uninstalled.
2. User friendly monitoring
Systemometer is unique, in that it offers a visual interface for monitoring different resources. You can see how many hard drives, processors, hard drive drives, memory and so forth there are on your computer, as well as how much processing power they consume. However, you don’t necessarily need to be too technical:
Systemometers visual interface is intuitive and easy to understand, which is perfect for first-time users, and more advanced users alike. Like the Window’s Task Manager, if your computer is struggling to do a lot of things, you can switch from one area to another, and see the situation in more detail.
3. Rich features
Although Systemometer boasts a great number of monitoring features, it also comes with a ton of customization options, so you can completely change its look. Whether you want to do this manually, or have it done automatically is up to you. The latter mode is convenient, since you don’t need to go through a bunch of options to do so. Here’

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Systemometer is a one-stop system monitor that displays the details of system components in a single window for a given time period. Monitor various system resources and decide which ones to track in order to keep your system healthy. With Systemometer, you can choose from a variety of interfaces and get back your system information in a hassle-free manner.

Vorticity is a Windows 10 desktop utility that enables you to view the streams of network connections and classify them by status, kind of connection, or application name. It makes for an easy way to see and analyze the content of connections on your PC as well as some of the processes that are sharing information with the network.
Vorticity Features:
To start with, the applications is easy to use. It requires no prior system administration to work, and it doesn’t demand a lot of system resources to display information it gathers. It comes with a lot of useful features that allow you to customize different aspects of the application. In addition, the system is also available as a portable app. It can be used on all sorts of devices.
The version includes helpful animations that help you to comprehend the network connections in real-time. Each connection is represented with a unique icon and can be classified into different categories to help identify things like which applications they’re used for, or what they’re used to transmit or receive.
Vorticity Requirements:
Vorticity requires a supported operating system. It works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Additionally, it requires.NET Framework 4.5 or greater. This program can be used on all sorts of computers and devices, such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Cookie Cutter:
As the name implies, it offers you an interface to cut and paste different images and clips into any document you want. It lets you do this through a number of ways, like capturing screenshots, clippings, and reading the clipboard. All of these are automatically saved into your selected folder. The most useful feature is that you can save the screenshots to your desktop or upload them to the web.
Cookie Cutter Features:
The application allows you to capture screenshots, clip by clip, as well as read the clipboard. All of this can be saved to your desktop or uploaded to your website, where you can view them in the web browser.
The software has a “Font style” tool as well as different color schemes

What’s New in the?

Systemometer is designed as a general purpose PC resource monitor with an extremely customizeable user interface. It lets you monitor virtually all activities and resources of your PC, including CPU, thread, memory, network, filesystem, disk and filesystem, registry, and drives, which can be grouped according to your specific needs. Customizable columns and options allow you to cut down on the amount of information displayed, and provide a highly detailed view of system usage, which can be saved into a log file.
Your PC resource can be monitored on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and reports can also be saved to a log file. All of your activity data can be easily exported to.XLS,.CSV, and.TXT format, which allows you to easily import them into other applications such as Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or TextEdit, and then perform further analysis on it.
· Professional and Easy to Use
· Fully customizable columns and options
· Fully Customizable User Interface
· Save the CPU, Disk, Memory, GPU, RAM, free memory, total memory, free memory, used memory, used memory, device ID, CPU, network, HDD, USB, GPU, VGA, battery, date, time
· Monitor Physical, Virtual and Memory, Threads and processes, Disk, Network, Graphics, Registry, and Log Files
Systemometer Key Features:
· Professional and Easy to Use
· Fully Customizable Columns and options
· Save the CPU, Disk, Memory, GPU, RAM, free memory, total memory, free memory, used memory, used memory, device ID, CPU, network, HDD, USB, GPU, VGA, battery, date, time
· Monitor Physical, Virtual and Memory, Threads and processes, Disk, Network, Graphics, Registry, and Log Files
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