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Slate Digital Vcc Team Air

The Slate Digital team designed and built these plug-ins.
Here’s a breakdown of all the parts that went into each plug-in.
Slate Digital Vcc Team Air
The slate digital team took their inspiration for the Virtual Console Collection from the modulation and distortion circuits of classic analogue synths. They designed a small amount of hardware to add analogue modelling to that circuitry. The Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection is based on.
Please help us save Slatemusic from the 90s by letting us know what you think. This page is copyfree. Inspired by many classic analog sound design traits and the Virtual Console Collection of plug-ins.
There are three main categories of effects that are used in real-world music production and each have subtly different audio characteristics. The first category is ‘Delays’, which are often heavily influenced by the second category, ‘EQ’, which can either emphasize or conceal the ambient room and mic’s imperfections. The third category is the ‘Air’, which alters the sound of your vocals to add clarity and can be likened to a form of preamp.
Slate Digital Vcc Team Air
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Providing high quality VST and AU plug-ins for musicians and producers to add professional sound effects to their. and virtual orchestras, teamable and user friendly plug-ins.. listen and compare all the Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection plug-ins, then buy them all for a. Imagine the possibilities!
Slate Digital Vcc Team Air
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Slate Digital is a musical company that has redefined the idea of a plug-in by giving the. The Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection was created to pay homage to the powerful.
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Slate Digital Vcc Team Air
The Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection features a vast collection of. VCC is more than a tribute to the 90’s digital revolution.