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Todas los retos en Web Development (España) Web Developers Les Topes de l’Amazone, Site Topo.L’Amazone déjà est le site le plus représentatif de la région méditerranéenne où on peut trouver une.
Site Topo’s user’s ranking of sites and sevice’s performance.MCU TV Is The New Marvel Cinematic Universe Website

Where was Marvel Studios during the course of 2017? Well, the company released its first trailer for Black Panther at The Grammys. DRAKE also won Best Rap Song for “Don’t Matter to Me.” SANDERS was released and GOT A TON OF SCREEN TIME. Captain America The Winter Soldier has been dated for April 6, 2014. Spider-Man was release in mid-may, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will take place in July, and Thor: Ragnarok will roll around in November. While we’ve had plenty of major things happen over the last year, what if we looked at the things that weren’t addressed? Our beloved MCU has developed in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and Marvel Studios’ other website seems to be giving them notice.

The MCU has always had an official website, but that has evolved from being a page at the bottom of the main Marvel website to a more robust site.

There are still links to the MCU’s official website, but it’s all been moved to a new spot, with the images and information alongside the films.

There are also movie trailers, as well as easy links to MCU social media accounts.

Now, you can click on individual films and get the full details about what you’re about to see. There are links to movies, villains, and other information, which makes it very easy to find the movies that you’re curious about. Also, it links directly to a variety of movies, so you can get to where you need to be really quickly.

This new website is by no means a replacement for the official MCU website, but it’s a much easier way to navigate the huge MCU content they’re developing right now.

At the moment, it only covers movies that are currently in production,–hOga4mO_F4ClC26l





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