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Shimeji Okami Amaterasurar

the balron are giant, ogre-like creatures. they hide in the grass and wait for unsuspecting travelers to trudge by. once a traveler is caught, they wrestle the person and tries to eat them. if they eat the person, the balron will die, otherwise the person will manage to run away, and the balron will either chase the person, walk away, or hit a rock.

like her parents, shimeji loves a good prank. unlike them, she prefers to play with her friends rather than adults. she enjoys tricking adults into getting in trouble, then giggling at their embarrassing reactions.

she and her best friend, amakura takayoshi, are always getting into trouble as a duo. while amakura is too timid to be a full-time prankster, shimeji has shown a propensity for dangerous pranks on her own, which she often invites amakura to join in on.

[[characters/{{naruto}} naruto uzumaki]] and [[characters/{{bleach}} ichigo kurosaki]] would be a good example of the interaction between a younger prankster and an older, more responsible prankster. since they have never met in any of the [[franchise/deathnote franchises]] [[uptoeleven that involved them]], this trope is possible because of their respective age difference and natural affinity for pranks. [[loveitorhateit often the pranks are on the other person]]; this usually results in an awkward situation for both of them.
{{ov:—->>tropes:maleextra: male extra|male character}} ”'[[characters/{{naruto}} sasuke uchiha]]”’, [[characters/{{bleach}} ichigo kurosaki]] and [[characters/{{bleach}} toushirou tokiwa]] do fall into this trope, though there is some humor for both parties.
{{ov:—->”sasuke is too ”cavalier” to be trapped by this trope; it comes off more like a brotherly crush”
{{ov:—->”ichigo is too old for the [[thelonelytooth self-exiled]] [[theheroine treatment]], but he has no room to complain”

[[characters/{{naruto}} shikamaru nara]] and [[characters/{{bleach}} kirito kirigaya]] go together pretty well.