Lands Between is an upcoming action RPG being developed by the publisher Nixe that is being created with a visual presentation that’s inspired by classic manga and illustrations.

In Lands Between, players can form an All-Celestial Party and fight together in a fantasy setting. The world is divided into various regions, each of which is filled with unique monsters, characters, and dungeons. Players can strengthen their characters by raising their stats in the form of experience points. By joining forces with friends, you can share your experience points, which can be exchanged for the power of the Elden Ring, allowing for real-time cooperative play that supports up to 4 players.


• Craft your own new world! Collect materials from a variety of regions and create unique towns filled with details.
• Various regions, each with its own mystery
• Fight hordes of monsters. Where you live is where the danger lies.
• Create your own story
• Discover the truth of what happened after the Elden Ring were sealed.

• Create the character you want
• Equip weapons, armor, and magic, all without constraints.
• Customize your look
• Build your own town from a variety of materials
• Discover the regions and countless dungeons scattered across the world

• Asynchronous online play.
• Connect with friends in real time
• Real-time text chat
• One-on-one multiplayer.


Five years ago, on a cold and stormy night, an unidentified spaceship crashes into the sky near the Lands Between. In the panic that ensued, the entire population of the Lands Between fled, and the Elden Ring became sealed.

Rumors have spread of sightings of an evil presence roaming the lands. When a sudden shooting star flashes in the sky, a mysterious invasion by a ‘Black Moon’ may begin…

You wake up on a cold and stormy night in the Lands Between. Alone. Where did you come from and what happened?

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A 35-hour long journey. Battle through mysterious dungeons and travel to the world of Elden in search of glory.
  • Customize the character who you play. Equip weapons, armor, and magic, along with various items such as accords and scrolls.
  • Elder Scrolls magic. Magic known to the Nords and Zagui, or the magic that erases time and space.
  • Engage in epic battles. The fights in Daedric Castle Castle and Midgard are particular highlights.
  • No magic limits. Exceptional spellcaster users can cast spells on the go.
  • A rich and integrated class system. Level up your character with skills, passive effects, and weapons.
  • A diverse world with 100,000 different units.
    • A variety of locations to explore, including: rural villages, large cities, dense forests, and a variety of dungeons.
    • An elegant user interface. An environment where the player can easily recognize a specific action on the screen.
  • Download the game and find out more information at:

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    Elden Ring X64 –

    “I’ve never played a game quite like this before. The beautiful concept of a fantasy action RPG, with a deep world, a well defined cast of unique characters and a meaningful storyline, is realized with great polish and attention to detail.” –

    “Beautifully crafted, the story unfolding through the campaign is compelling. There is a much more personal story to be found here than I’ve seen in a more traditional JRPG.” –

    “As a long-time gamer of adventure games, games of the sword, games of the dice, and the occasional brawler, I’ve come to expect a certain feeling – that feeling is what I got with Elden Ring: a deeply realized experience, a living story, a great game.”

    A new story is about to unfold. Your time in the Mortal World has ended, and you have been chosen to begin your mission to acquire the Staff of Adam. With this Staff, you shall light a flame that will engulf all. The purpose of the Staff of Adam is to imprison the True God of the Mortal World, but the efforts of the High Lord have been without effect. It is too late to remove the True God from her throne.
    When the world is finally doomed, your soul will be compelled to arise from its slumber.
    You shall find yourself in an alternate world, reborn from your death. A world where everything that you have ever loved is gone. A world with no hope, where the only thing that can save it is you.
    With only your wits, strength, and resolve, you must travel across the landscape of this world and battle the Demon King who has taken control of it.
    As you eliminate this foe, you shall witness a multitude of lifelike quests. They are necessary to defeat Demon King, but you will find that they are anything but simple.
    The one who completes these quests will find that they contain secrets about the world that are lost to history, and perhaps more importantly, about themselves, their own fate, and the very heart of the world itself.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brand


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    * As of 4/4/19, we’ve fixed an issue where the game was not able to play for some. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    * 4/4/19: We’ve added the EU server. Gameplay


    ▷ “New Characters”
    > Create a new character
    > Ability to freely customize your character
    > New character becomes available on the 2nd day after the character creation date.

    ▷ “Online Raiding”
    > Playing Online with Others
    > Newly added game: Asynchronous Online Match
    > Allow Other Players to Join in the Dungeon from Day 2
    > PvP-Free World
    > If you have trouble with the Raiding system, visit [MP]

    ▷ “Fun and Easy to Play”
    > Enjoy Pleasant Battles
    > Brandishing Magic, Swords, and Armors
    > High Quality Graphics
    > Easy to Learn
    > Easy to Use (Autocomplete)
    > Comfortable Interface

    ▷ Increase Your Character with Style
    > Train Your Character
    > Equip an Item for a Skill
    > Increase a Skill’s Levels
    > Equip an Item to improve the Skill’s Effect
    > Acquire Experience Points to Level Up
    > Acquire Skill Points to Level Up
    > Choose the Type of Skill that your Character Should Have
    > Enhance an Item through Skills and Level-Up Skills
    > Learn Magic
    > Use Magic

    ▷ “My-Story”
    > Make an Adventure of Your Own
    > Enjoy the Guided Adventure

    ▷ “Easy to Learn”
    > Simple Interface with Items (No HUD or Alt Click)
    > Easy Operation

    ▷ “Easy to Use (Autocomplete)”
    > Autocomplete
    > Quickly complete the commands you want to do
    > Shorten Menu

    ▷ “Comfortable Interface”
    > Ability to Increase the Screen Size
    > Easy to Comfortable Interface
    > Establish Communication with Others
    ▷ “Unique and Dynamic Battles”
    > Expanding World, Special Events, and Enemies
    > Highly Addictive PvP Battle
    > Seek out Other Players
    ▷ “High Quality Graphics”
    > Enhance Battle with a Joyous and Beautiful View


    What’s new:

    Since we released the game in February, the game has been receiving 5,000 unique views per day. While numbers like these are a bit embarrassing, I am grateful for the continued support of the players, and I will do my best to continue working diligently. In the future, I hope to be able to continue releasing games that will draw the attention of many people in the same way that WUBR has.

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    The Conversation
    Gareth McCaughanThe oldest god has returned. Will it bring renewed prosperity or discomfiture?Gareth McCaughan, Senior Social Media Expert & The Evolution of Fantasy GamesMcGraw-Hill Book Company

    My first hands-on experience with an Elder Dragon game was courtesy of a Developer Access Challenge in June 2014 that Tiombold Games’ RPGs were arranging, where we were given the chance to play Dungeon of the Damned. Of course this was with a pen and paper, not a video game. My expectations for this turn-based RPG were pretty low – it looked like it required a lot of planning and memory, and there would be a lot of ‘undo’s’ if something went wrong. I found these to be all very true.

    Yet my expectations for the game were more than exceeded. When I played this game I played immediately. I managed to do a few kills the first time; not many but they were meaningful – I had one player die and finally get his own starting equipment (a Bow and Dagger, bless), and another player lose his monster. As I killed more I learnt to deal with the dragon’s staggering attack (hit someone, they get low HP but


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    WHAT’S NEW in v1.0.4:-Add game-available icons-How to view game-available icons: click the game icon in the home screen-Added way to set a continue playing-Added way to set a continue playing-Add warning game-Resolution fixed-Other improvement and bug fix







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    System Requirements:

    The game is currently undergoing beta testing. As such, we would like to solicit feedback from those in the beta test before release. We have the game playable on Windows 10 devices. Mac support is an ongoing goal, with our game engine being designed to support multiple platforms, so it will be a few months out, if not longer.
    Our current minimum system requirements are:
    Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD HD 7970
    RAM: 8 GB
    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 / AMD FX-


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