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What is the game that immediately comes to mind when you think of the phrase “action RPG”? This is it.

Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen is a game that fuses the online RPG genre with the true action RPG. You can enjoy both an experience filled with excitement and an unforgettable story that gets more exciting as your alliance with other players continues.


Come play Elden Ring, and experience the new fantasy action RPG.



• Strong and agile heroes are selected according to your play style.
• High-quality graphics.
• Over 120 different kinds of weapons, as well as a variety of customization options for clothes and armor.
• Realistic fighting mechanics with unique upgrading and weapons.
• Simple controls and no learning curve.
• Simple interface for players with little knowledge of gaming.


• Equip a huge variety of equipment.
• Equipment can be upgraded to increase its power.
• Equipment can be upgraded to increase its power.
• Equipment cannot be cancelled.
• Unique equipment that reacts to the presence of opponents.


• The Lands Between, where a great game world of action unfolds.
• An RPG featuring online action and quests.
• Deep customization of your character with a variety of advantages that you are able to select.
• The freedom to customize your gameplay to your preference.


“The simple controls and deep customization are what sold me on this game. I was also excited to see how this game is going to be played online. As a gamer, I think I’m going to enjoy this game!”

“I was excited to be able to equip my character using magic. The equipment and weapons that I can equip can be customized and upgraded to become even stronger. I’m also looking forward to seeing the story unfold in this game.”


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Features Key:

  • Create your own character.
  • Customize your character’s appearance.
  • Adventure in an open world.
  • Receive gear drops from monsters, collect gear, and craft items.
  • Explore huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs.
  • Advance in experience, skill, and skill gathering.
  • Receive quests from NPCs and mine for resources.
  • Receive prizes for exploring and defeating monsters.
  • Engage in a high-strung and exciting RPG battle against monsters.
  • Manage the equipment of your party or sidekick.
  • Utilize the skills, weapons, items, and spells that you own.

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                “Incredible graphics, graphics that you’ll never forget, that you will look at the screen and smile like “how can you do that?”
                Everything is pretty full, the contents of the game are pretty rich. The game also offers different users the opportunity to customize, you can choose your own name, you can choose your own style of character, and you can change your name whenever you want. The originality of the game is that after you create your character, you can choose a class, a level, and a kind of weapon. So you can choose as you want, and also, there are different skills for different classes. One is that if you specialize in a specific class, for example, if you want to become a master of fire, you can develop a particular skill, that you develop a particular type of weapon that you want. I went over how you can do that.

                “I really enjoyed the world. The world has a lot of stuff that will affect you in the game. If you go up into the mountains, you’ll come across monsters there, you can find old ruins, treasures…you come across monsters, you can find treasures. There are also a lot of different items that you can collect, so you will gradually have a variety of things.

                “And the design of the game is that everything is easy to understand. You can find everything right from the start. If you want to go to the places you want, there is no trick to it, so it’s that simple.”


                “There’s an action RPG concept, but it’s also an RPG, you go to the dungeon and find useful stuff there. You can also find many useful things, like items, weapons, money, experience and you can also breed monsters and then you can level them up.
                You can put various types of weapon in the action RPG, and you can use the type of weapon that you used, and you can have different weapons and you can create different weapons out of materials. You can also customize the action RPG so you can really enjoy the game.

                The game has various maps, and there are dungeons to go to, and there are other people to go to, and you will go to the places you want, and you can find out things there.


                Elden Ring Crack + [Win/Mac]

                • Choose from the Black Knights, the Thieves, and the Rangers
                The three groups represent the three classes in the world of Elden Ring. The classes you choose are determined by the lands you are born in. For example, the Black Knights represent the Elden Lords who use the power of the ring to aid the people. The Thief is a master of all forms of magic and has no place in society, so they are feared throughout the Lands Between. The Rangers are from the country of Northland and are military tacticians who use the power of the ring to command others.
                • 3D Environment and Unique Map
                The game allows you to freely view the map and change the camera’s position. Tilt the camera from left to right to pan the map, and move the camera by pressing the touchpad.
                • An Epic World that Captivates You
                Vast expanse of land full of excitement and awe, where a myriad of situations and huge dungeons are seamlessly connected.
                • Unleash your Potential
                Break your enemy’s defense and attack after avoiding the traps in the dungeons. Increase the strength of the attackers at your side, use different weapons in battle, and combine them with the alchemy skill to create powerful attacks.
                • An Excellent Game System
                Connections to other people through a unique asynchronous online feature.
                Multiplayer Battle
                Battle against other players and explore the vast world and its many dungeons while playing together.
                The hero’s journey is eternal
                Fighting and adventure have always been intertwined.

                Consider the story of Albion in medieval times as your hero’s journey. Battles occur at all times.
                • Your trusty companions will give you a hand

                There are two types of companions in this game.
                • Troops
                Battle comrades specialized in using equipment. You can equip them with special attacks and use their skills to aid you in battle.
                • Research groups
                Research groups are books that convey information about advanced technologies, such as high-level magic and alchemy. You must be able to obtain books to progress in the game, and you may find them in research groups.
                • Choose your character among a large variety of heroes
                Players can create new races with their own characteristics when they create a character.
                • Different Play Styles with Every Player
                As you progress in the game, you receive more and more skill points. You can increase your attributes and skills to become stronger. There are two play styles in the game


                What’s new:

                Please see below for new additional features and changes that will be available with v1.8.0:
                • The effect of critical hits has been enhanced. Damage dealt will now always exceed a certain amount of skill points based on the armor worn.
                • Attacks with a certain type of magic (physical or special) will no longer ignore defense resistance.

                We would appreciate it if you would try out the new features as they come out, and let us know what you think of them. Thank you for your continued support!

                The Version 1.7.1 patch has been released.
                (1) Revised the Pictogram Modules for Clan Warfare.
                (2) Revised the World Map Art and added a placeholder image to supplement the Pictogram design.
                (3) Optimized content for the Unearthed Arcana Quest system.
                (4) Reviewed the item Enhancement process with the new system for the Rune Bracelets and Flying Bracelets.
                (5) Various bug fixes.

                We would appreciate it if you could try out this patch as we continue to develop the game. Thank you for your continued support!

                The BETA Version 1.7.0(1227325953525) has been released.
                "Champion" and "Crown" are new options with which you can give specific traits to your champions (party members, NPCs).
                "Champion" is a function in which you can select a trait from a list, and change its name and value by editing a few options.
                "Crown" is a function in which the traits you currently have equipped will appear in a summary with a low when you equip it from the item creation menu, and, depending on the material type and its level, it will appear as a reward for recruiting from one of the available companions in the game.
                "Awakened Weapon" is an additional function for "Champions".
                "Awakened Weapon" is added to the Champion function.
                "Crown" can be used to change the name and value of traits "Champion" no longer


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              System Requirements For Elden Ring:

              OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
              CPU: 2.2 GHz dual-core processor or better.
              Memory: 2 GB RAM
              Hard Disk: 16 GB available space
              GPU: Direct3D 9-compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
              Gamepads: Standard Xbox 360 or standard Xbox One gamepad
              OS: Windows 10
              CPU: 2.8 GHz dual-core processor or better.