Creo is created by which was purchased by Parametric Technology Corporation in 1995. PTC acquired Creo to establish its Mechanical engineering product. Creo was originally a discontinued product from Evans & Southerland, a company with origins in the early 1980’s. If you are an engineer, product designer, engineer & IT professional, product manager, marketing person or any kind of user, feel free to download Creo and try it. User forums are very active on or you can join our user group as well. You can also check out our YouTube video. You can also use the Creo website or contact us directly for sales and support. Our user forums are the most informative.

Autodesk COO Tim Ritchie will be joining PTC to help in the transition of engineering in-house sales from creating a process to selling software. This change will move us closer to our vision of rapid innovation and the delivery of great products. In this position, he will support both Autodesk’s internal sales organization and the global sales team in building more effective software products for their customers.

C :Pro/PROJECT CAD Manager is a library tool that allows a customer to view, create, update, and manage a library of CAD models. The tool provides the ability to store, manage, and query model based information, such as build specifications, revisions, version histories, and a number of other attributes. A library can be composed from a number of CAD and CAM-based sources (for example, DWG, DXF, PDF, POST, and so on), and these may contain thousands of models. The user can access and query these models using Pro/PROJECT CAD Manager.

2011 Pro/ENGINEER engine is now windows 7 certified, own Creo 8.0 engines are now a certified product. Products are certified to Microsofts Windows 8 platform. With Windows 8, extensive development work is needed to take advantage of the new features, hardware performance increases, and new security features. Are not even sure how to integrate these with Pro/Engineer. If you have experience with Windows 8, please email to us and we can help you understand this new platform.
Fusion 360 -**Look for a new release that will support the most recent OS X and Windows 7 OS’s. PTC tells me that Fusion 360 is continuously maturing. To support Citrix Ready status, PTC requires the following: Fusion 360 3.5.0 or later Fusion 360 Pro 1.0 PTC Advanced Partner Network Citrix Ready Infrastructure Citrix Client Certificates Fusion 3.5 with the following group (non-developmental) Role (may be VIP optional) : Citrix Account Manager Citrix Virtual Application Publisher Citrix Virtual Application Agent Citrix Tier III PTC Creo 5.5 or later
PTC Creo Modeler is a stand alone application. PTC tells me that they do not yet know what level of support they will provide for running the software standalone. This indicates that they have no plans to implement PTC Creo on Morden site PTC Creo 3D is the latest version that was released. This version of Creo has exciting enhancements that will greatly reduce the learning curve for students and workers new to 3D design. There will be a continuation of the release cycle for PTC Creo such as a new version every year. Support for Windows XP is ending. The PTC team says that a major new version, so large it is being called a new release, is slated for fall of 2012 and will be their biggest release yet. Support for Morden site on Windows XP is about to end. PTC will provide an update. The continued release of Creo projects will be available to all users from the Morden site. PTC Creo software is available from the PTC Store .