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demo version. Let us now take a look at the action sequence in the movie from where this scene begins.


It will be interesting to know about the music in the movie also, that matches with the scene.

Music in A big way

There is a musical score that we can hear in this movie. During the action scenes we can hear the sound of music also.

This music in this scene is played by

Michael Jackson (Who has been mostly associated with music industry )

Hiroyuki Sawano

Tomoko Kawase

What about the Scene?

This sequence is seen in the movie where several characters are fighting over a thing or a person.In this scene there are many action sequences that we can watch.

Action plot

In this sequence also we can observe that some characters are trying to get possession of a thing and fighting for it over it.

The story of the scene?

Well here is a first for me in such a scene that we can see some violence done by someone.We might have observed that the character is fighting for something that he thinks is valuable and when someone tries to stop his way the fighting has started.It has begun in a way that is a bit unstability in this world.

And I guess that fighting is a part of life and a way to express it.

This thing that I am talking about is a skull.

This is for a contest which is held in a museum

And there are many people involved in this contest and there are many people fighting over it.

The contest itself is happening in a museum and therefore, the character decides to give the skull to the museum and fights for it over it.

This is what is called Mystery case files as a contest of skull.

There are many kind of contests which also can be seen in this movie.

There is a similar skull and a person fights for it over it.

There are many other things in this scene but let us see it in detail.

If we analyse the scene in detail we will get to know something about this thing.

The Skull

This thing is a skull.A skull that has the marks of decay.

The contest

In the contest is a huge prize.

The character’s fight for the skull

The character has a prize but this doesn�