Practical Audio-Visual Chinese: Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 🟡


Practical Audio-Visual Chinese: Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

a lot of times, i’ve talked to people who’ve come to the us (mostly for their undergraduate studies) and are just coming out of their chinese language degree, so they finish up their level 6/7 classes (usually listening or speaking) and go back to their home country. but after you finish your chinese major, you need something to keep you busy (a career, perhaps). i thought about taking a few years out and seeing if i could get into a master’s program, but since i have in mind to go to graduate school someday, i thought it better to continue my education and try to get into a master’s program. if i can take courses online, it’s a lot easier to do that.

it’s not too bad. the first two years usually consist of intro courses, sometimes called humanities, which in my mind are basically to familiarize the student with a little bit of chinese history, literature, and philosophy. depending on the institution, you’ll probably have to take a lot of these classes. i’ve only taken one-off courses in my life, so i don’t know what the exact program is for the first two years. if you’re a more advanced student, you probably know what you’re doing. it’s just to get you used to the material.

when we first started, i had no idea what the book or our level would be. so i started my first term (fall 2008) with the level 4 books. i just knew that i’d have to complete those first, then we’d continue with the level 5 books, where we were to spend 3-4 hours a day studying each day (aloud), and then spend the remaining time reviewing vocab and listening comprehension.

right now, i’m at level 7. if you do well in the book and take your courses seriously, i imagine you can finish up in five semesters (the semesters vary – you have two semesters in the winter and one in the summer). if you want to continue on to a master’s program, you might want to contact a chinese studies department at your local university. they usually have a study abroad program for a few months of the year (for example, this semester is the spring semester). many of the universities here offer programs for graduate students (those with a phd), so check that out and see what they have to offer. good luck!