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Oct 26, 2018 . Track the time, distance,. Pc Miler 26 Download Free Full Version Torrent.A group of women have launched a legal challenge after the government said a female jockey, who was wearing a hijab, was denied a job on a British racecourse.

Sarah Mullins, 62, has filed a legal challenge against the British Racing Authority (BRA), saying the claim of “bias” was unfair and was unfairly “exonerating” the person responsible for the dismissal.

The racehorse trainer said she was the first Muslim woman to be employed at the Southwell Grange in Nottinghamshire.

Mullins is in a fight for her job after she was told she had been sacked after reading the Muslim Council of Britain’s position in a press release.

She said she was told she had “sacked herself” when she was asked to resign.

Image: The jockey wears a hijab and was told she could not work at the Southwell Grange in Nottinghamshire

In a statement, Mullins said she found out she had been fired when she was served a letter by the BRA which said: “After a thorough process, we have concluded that while we do not agree with the management at Southwell Grange Racing Club, we accept it is your prerogative to take any action you consider appropriate