Parugu Telugu Movie English Subtitles Free Download


Parugu Telugu Movie English Subtitles Free Download


Directed by : Aravind Swamy

With : Devi Shri Anjana, Surekha, Prabhas

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Laravel: Unable to change login URL

I’m currently trying to update the laravel default login to use a single form for login and registration. I’m just using the auth code from standard laravel:
public function login(Request $request)
$this->validate($request, [
’email’ =>’required|email’,
‘password’ =>’required|min:6′

$credentials = $request->only(’email’, ‘password’);

// Attempt to login the user
if (Auth::attempt($credentials)) {
return redirect(‘dashboard’);
} else {
//Login error messages
$messages = [
‘error’ => ‘Invalid credentials.’
// Return the view
return view(‘login’, $messages);

This works fine, when I submit the form with bad credentials I get a ‘Invalid credentials’ message.
What I want to do is change this message to ‘Invalid username or email’, I have tried both changing the ‘|’ and ‘|’ and changing the parameters to be ‘|username’ and ‘|email’ respectively but the error message always stays the same. The code has been edited for my application, that might be the problem.
Any suggestions?


It seems that i did not set up the exception middleware so i just added: