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MediaPocket Crack Torrent (Activation Code) Free Download


MediaPocket Serial Key is a blog downloader tool that lets you download multimedia contents from your favorite blogs in an instant.

All you have to do is type a suitable blog address in the designated field and click the “Play” button available in the main screen, on the toolbar. After doing so, the application automatically crawls the blog’s relevant contents and downloads them directly on your computer.

Portable application

Since it’s a portable program, you don’t need to install it on the target computer. All you have to do is extracting the contents of the archive it comes packed in and launch the executable.

However, note that the app requires Java Runtime Environment in order to run as intended on the target computer. You can run it from removable storage units such as USB flash drives or external HDDs and SSDs. You also don’t need to worry about it creating additional files or folders on your PC or tampering with Windows registry.

All in all, if you need a tool that can help you download multimedia contents from a blog, you might want to give MediaPocket Full Crack a try. It’s portable, comes with a simple interface and packs intuitive commands.

Blog Downloader Tool

Video & Image Downloader

Blog Downloader with Support, which allow you to download in bulk all images, texts, videos, etc. from the specified websites/URLs (Supports also the latest versions of Microsoft Office, Photoshop and other common software)


Newsflash: Blog is dead.

With a host of new blogging platforms popping up on the scene, it is not surprising that many old blogs are facing a renaissance. Just recently, for example, introduced their new mobile blogging platform, decided to discontinue the free service they were providing to users, and the once popular LiveJournal blogging website just recently launched a new blogging platform, designed to catch the attention of reluctant webmasters.

As blogging platform continue to die, here’s an online service you can use to turn your beloved old blogs into an online content repository, repository for your short articles, lists and RSS feed, displaying a brand new and clean look to your previously web-bombed pages, and converting your photos, links, videos, and other media into an online photo gallery, making it much easier to browse by keyword or category.

If you are looking for a blog downloader, either to move your whole blog from a web host, because you want

MediaPocket Crack+ Full Product Key Download

Recreates Windows Explorer’s ‘Go To Folder’ functionality – with no installation required.

Displays File, Folder and Disk Space usage

Optionally displays network connections

Allows the user to navigate from one folder to another, displaying the contents within it

The program is easily accessible via the included toolbar shortcut, so you won’t need to search for the executable with a file manager.
After launching MediaPocket from a removable storage unit, you can also access the program’s main screen via its main menu (accessible by simply pressing Win+T) and follow the steps described on the official website to download and install it on the target computer.


Makes use of a small executable that can be extracted from any removable storage unit, unlike other tools

Features easy navigation to specific folders on the target computer

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (the downloader seems to be incompatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008, though)

Supports bookmarking, copying and pasting a list of selected folders


Doesn’t feature a good interface

Doesn’t allow you to highlight and copy any text within multiple web pages

8. Sleepytime FTP from Nirsoft

Sleepytime FTP Description:

Sleepytime FTP allows you to download webpages, FTP sites and WebDAV-enabled resources, as well as download multiple files/folders at a time to the remote computer or a local folder.

The freeware supports almost all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 7, including the newest versions such as Windows 8 and 8.1.

The standalone executable is small and is available for free download from the official site.

You can download it from your web browser’s Downloads section.


Lightweight and easy to use

Supports almost all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 7, including the newest ones

Supports bookmarking, copying and pasting


Requires installing the program on the target computer

9. Transmit from Mac OS X

Transmit Description:

Transmit is a free app for the Mac OS X 10.5.5 and later operating system that allows you to download files from the Internet.

The app is available for both Apple’s Mac and PC operating system platforms.

You can download it from the official website.

Transmit consists of

What’s New in the?

Blog Content Grabber & Downloader for Windows

As the name suggests, MediaPocket can help you download any multimedia content from a blog by letting you search for a suitable blog address and automatically crawl the contents of the blog you found.
You can download each page you find individually or you can use the application to save all of the pages you find at once. You also can download a batch of videos or photos in just a few clicks.
Besides, the application lets you customize the output folder, set the file encoding type and even change the downloading speed or download all the contents in one shot.

Free Download

MediaPocket Highlights:

You can select specific pages from a blog or a batch of them

It’s portable and can run from removable media such as USB flash drives

Automatically crawls and downloads the multimedia contents at a pre-defined speed

It comes with intuitive commands and powerful features

How to Install MediaPocket:

1. Download MediaPocket from the link provided in the download section

2. Rename the downloaded zip file to MediaPocket.exe

3. Extract the contents of the zip file using WinRAR to get a folder called MediaPocket

4. Launch MediaPocket on the target computer to start the tool

4. Launch MediaPocket on the target computer to start the tool

New Features in MediaPocket 5.2.2 (Win64) (2015-04-23):

Unusual high download speed

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System Requirements For MediaPocket:

Windows 7/8
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
Hard Drive: 70 GB
Graphics: 64-bit DirectX 11-compatible graphics card with at least 1 GB of dedicated VRAM
Additional Notes:
The game will be available to purchase for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch for $39.99 on April 19, 2018. A physical copy of the game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $59.99. A digital copy will