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Tuesday, January 01, 2017

Mulligan: The Stoned Musical by Drue Tuggy

Interesting. I’ve always considered stoner rock, not stoner metal. And the opener, Drue Tuggy, sounds a bit ridiculous. Yet he’s versatile, and makes heavy music that reminds me of the great Korn and the mighty Marilyn Manson.

The opener is followed by a drum solo followed by a song by Chad & the gang.

Next on the bill is the super-psyched-up-melodic-sleazy-sounding duo of Fanta and Kevin. I love their music, and it’s fun to see them in the same room.

Solo stoner rock jam by Drue Tuggy, the opener.

The mini-set has the closing song by Drue Tuggy, in which he tells us why he’s back in rock ‘n roll:

Yes, I do have a problem with people calling goths “stoners” because they smoke pot. The ones who do are usually part of a scene, so they tend to be artists. I’ve met some really interesting goths who don’t get high at all.

Lightning bolts, light beacons, tea leaves, resin, kebab, carrots, apples, I get them, I get them all in me. All of them, all of them are me, my eyes cry out, yes I wanna fight!

Can you summon me? Can you summon me?

Yes, I can come to you. Yes, I can come to you. Yes, I can come to you.

Yes, yes, yes!

Drue Tuggy talks with Eirik in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Drue’s music video is below. Thanks, Jeanette.

In true black metal fashion, he riffs and rumbles, then screams and growls.

View the complete collection of Drue Tuggy’s live music videos.

Drue Tuggy’s new CD, Mental Hydrocodone, is available from his website:

The theme song, “Mental Hydrocodone,” is below.

Pitchfork: How would you describe your music to a stranger?

Drue Tuggy: I think I