Jasa Hack Facebook Gratis

similarly, to make it easier to jump out of the chat sidebar into your normal messages, facebook has added a “back” button above the friend list. this is a cool new feature, because you can now “back” to your normal messages, and then go to the side bar to search for the friend you were just chatting with.

3. messages can be sent through the new contact list. you may notice that sometimes, if you write someone in the to box, you may not be taken directly to that box, but to a new contact list where you have to click on people to see which of them you want to send messages to.

as shown in the screenshot above, you can right click on the tab to take you to the contact list for that person. you can then select the person you want to send a message to in that list, and click send.

unlike many older features, like apps or photo albums, this feature is completely facebook’s own. we can only assume that this feature is fairly new to facebook and that they will be adding it to many other platforms in the future.

the message seems to have been recently rolled out, with over an 800 million active users by the end of september. (remember that 1.49 billion figure earlier?) so it seems to be taking some time for more people to discover it. (this feature was pretty well-hidden!)

who knows, it could be that facebook is taking a leaf out of google+’s book. they rolled out a similar feature in google+ for similar reasons. no reason to go through the trouble of diving in and out of different apps and user accounts.

new to facebook? if so, once youve got a handle on your timeline, use it as your social media hub. regardless of which platform you choose, you can create individual tabs or groups for your work, personal, and social lives. you can have up to 30 separate tabs if you like! visit facebooks help center to find out more about creating, adding friends to, and managing your facebook page.
using the chat sidebar, you can browse other messages or quickly compose a message to anyone in your friends list with the click of a button. you can even send and receive facebook links and articles from your sidebar. chat sidebar tabs include
interest, fashion, style, sports, food, places, celebrities, and more. review your friends list and select to send them a message about any content you like in that chat sidebar tab or select to chat privately to someone and send them a link to content you like.
to see if a friend can chat to you, look at their inbox and click the small questionmark next to their name. if theyre available to chat, youll see a tiny thumbs-up icon appear next to their name. click the thumbs-up icon to send them a message.
many of these tabs are optional, but you may find some of them useful. for example, the page tab lets you show off your work, your new insecticide, promote pest control events, and be available to answer questions from visitors to the page. create your own event tab to let people know about your pest control appointments. if your company has a blog, you can add a blog tab to your page.
its not a bug, its a feature. once youre in this “back window” (facebook calls it the “chat sidebar”), you can visit your activity log from any time in the past to send messages, which may show up in the messages sidebar from time to time.