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How To Remove FRP Google Account On Sony Xperia Phones

since we are about to erase your google account, first, open the settings app and scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see the google account page. tap the gear icon at the top left and select the option remove account. then, select the gmail id that you want to remove from the phone and confirm.

on google account removal page, tap the icon next to the add account button. follow the instructions on the next screen and tap the arrow icon next to the add account button. then, choose “sign-in method” and select “continue without a google account”, this will disable the google account on your phone and remove the google account on your phone. it will also disable the google account on your account. but, you wont be able to sign in with your google account.

for the best experience, it is recommended to use google chrome to access your google account. this will ensure that you get the most out of the service. google chrome is the most popular browser on android devices. the instructions below will assume that you are using chrome.

you will see the text, “your device has been locked by frp. tap ok to bypass frp or cancel to leave google.” tap ok. it will ask you to enter the google account password. enter the password and tap ok. the google account will be unlocked.

you can remove frp lock from your phone manually, rather than using frp bypassing tools. this will not work on all the phone that has frp on. this method is used to remove google account from your phone. after the complete process, your phone will be unlocked from frp lock.

if you want to remove or clear google account other than removing it from your device and going to a different android phone or tablet, for that you will need to use sign-in method using google account, where you will have to input the corresponding access codes for your phone or tablet.
after completing the steps mentioned above, you will be able to remove all your services like google account, whatsapp, facebook, google play and use your device. also, if you have rooted your device, you will be able to unroot or root it using any root managing or unlocking software, using this method.
many users experience frp lock when they forgot their gmail account password or when they reset their phone to its factory settings. most of the time, after the phone is unlocked, users will get a prompt to “verify” their google account.
here in this guide, we will provide you step-by-step instructions to remove google account sony xperia z5 premium and reset it to factory setting. if you are willing to reset your device to factory state, then continue with this guide to restore google account sony xperia z5 premium. otherwise, wait for your device to be unlocked. once unlocked, you can connect your account by entering credentials using that account when prompted.
while frp is not exactly the best solution, there are ways to bypass this process, and continue setting the phone up as a brand new device without a google account. to do this, navigate to settings >> accounts & sync >> add account, shown in figure 1.0 below. this should only be done on phones that were initially sold with google accounts on them.