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Software pirates arent your only option when it comes to downloading free software, though. You can always search around for many of the different free sources available on the internet to get files, including torrents, hosting sites and even FTP sites that host free software.

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When trying to download a file from a website, youll often have to be wary of the different steps that the website may be taking. Piracy on the internet isnt a major deal if your looking for free software, but it is a major security risk if youre downloading a spyware program. Remember, youll never be sure what programs you will be downloading until you run it. If you just want to download a program and its perfect for you, then youll want to use the torrents. With torrents, your file is contained within a larger file, which means it wont take up the same amount of space on your harddrive like you would if you were downloading a file from the internet.

Because torrents are actually compressed files which can take up less space than an.exe or.bat file, its possible to download an entire season of a tv show or hundreds of music tracks in one batch without breaking your internet connection. With these online tools, you get the entire file quickly and without the need to go through the formality of downloading one at a time.