Gmail Keeper provides you with a quick way to create a locally stored backup for messages in your Gmail inbox, as well as Google Apps e-mails. This way, you can clean an overcrowded mailbox, while knowing that your old messages are safely stored on your computer.
Create multiple backup profiles for each mail account
The application can perform backups for multiple accounts, provided you create a new profile for each. To do so, you simply have to follow a series of steps displayed in the wizard-like interface of Gmail Keeper.
You start by activating Gmail IMAP access, so as to allow the application to communicate with your account. The next step requires you to create and configure your backup profile by completing a form with the e-mail address, your password, IMAP server and port number.
Select mail folders to backup
Next you have to choose the mailbox folders to backup. Gmail Keeper retrieves the list of folders from the Google servers, along with the associated labels, enabling you to select the ones you want. It can also create local copies of all your mail, including the trash folder, saved drafts and outgoing messages.
Backing up a large inbox could result in lower disk space and that is why the application enables you to limit the size of the messages to backup and filter them by date. The backup archive can be protected by a custom password, so as to prevent unauthorized access to your e-mails.
Backup your Gmail mailbox the easy way
Gmail Keeper is a great way to backup your mailbox and read messages in offline mode using any mail client. To ease your work even more, it comes with an integrated scheduler that can be configured to perform daily, weekly or monthly backups, saving you the time needed to manually perform this operation.







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Emptying the mess out of your GMail inbox might seem like a daunting task, but using Gmail Keeper you can quickly and easily back up and access your old messages. Not only can it help you clear a large mailbox, but you can use this tool to safely restore messages into your new account, even if they were stored on a different computer.
Key Features of Gmail Keeper
Emptying the mess out of your GMail inbox might seem like a daunting task, but using Gmail Keeper you can quickly and easily back up and access your old messages. Not only can it help you clear a large mailbox, but you can use this tool to safely restore messages into your new account, even if they were stored on a different computer.
Supports IMAP
Allows you to backup and restore your messages regardless of your mail client or web browser.
Performs Multiple Backups
Allows you to backup multiple mail accounts at once for faster, easier recovery.
Intuitive scheduler
Allows you to choose when to perform backups, along with how frequently.
Keeps Backups in Time Machine Style
Restores are in a Mailbox format, meaning you can use it with any mail client.
Includes Advanced Scheduling
Allows you to set how often a task executes (daily, weekly, or monthly), along with the schedule.
The Best Time to Do a Back Up:
Cleaning out your inbox requires patience. After all, you could spend hours or even days deleting messages. For this reason, you might want to save the task for a convenient time. To that end, you may want to back up your account once a week or once a month, based on how frequently you need to delete messages or reread those that you missed.
Gmail Keeper Alternatives
Iodine (Windows, Linux) – Allows you to back up multiple folders from your Gmail IMAP account and to synchronize that data on your local computer or to Dropbox/OneDrive/Box
Hippo – Enables you to back up your Gmail inbox and/or e-mails in different folders (including the trash) using IMAP access, as well as to be able to synchronize those folders with other folders using Google account.
Inboxstarter (Windows, Linux) – Allows you to clear Gmail inbox from your Google Apps account and to create a local backup that can be synchronized on your computer.
Kovasil (Windows, Linux) – Provides users with the ability to back up your Gmail mailboxes

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“New in version 2.0:
+ New and improved interface
+ New features
+ Bug fixes and improvements”Suppressive effects of the standardized extract of Poria cocos on in vitro lymphocyte proliferation in healthy individuals and in patients with cancer.
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My Google search only produced answers for batch file but I’m using the bash shell and this other question is a bit complicated.
I have a script that passes a parameter to another script that executes and prints out a file. The first script is run from the command line, and I am trying to make it work within a second script that I am executing via the bash shell. For some reason, the part with the “>” is not working. The command works fine when I have it outside the script.
Here’s the command:
./ -r /path/to/file -f some_filename > /some/path/filename

Here’s my attempt:
a=`./ -r /path/to/file -f some_filename`
echo “abc”
echo “>abc”
echo `a`

The output is:

There is also no output for “abc”.


The above answer is actually correct, however, the parenthesis need to be inside the echo or you will get an error. Also, as luck would have it, that’s the syntax to pass that script as an argument to another script.
The way I solved it was to move the error handling outside of the script, and then moving

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Synchronize, organize and save offline your e-mails and contacts in a locally archive.
Create a backup for your Gmail, Google Apps or other IMAP mail account
Perform offline and online backups on mobile and desktop devices
Save your e-mail archive locally and back up contacts to your Google Contacts

Synchronize your messages, contacts and calendar
Automatically backup your local mailbox (GMail, Google Apps etc.)
Perform offline and online backups
Keep your e-mail archive locally and back up contacts to your Google Contacts
Prevent duplicates using simple filtering rules
Choose several backup profiles for each mail account
Integrated scheduler to automatically perform scheduled backups at times convenient to youThere are many things about living in Japan that are hard to explain. Part of this is due to the level of English that is spoken here. The second part comes from a lack of understanding of the culture and upbringing. A third part is because a lot of things that make Japan seem so different from the outside are actually just the natural progression that Japan has made since its first peaceful ruler. But the biggest part of the reason I don’t have a better understanding of the culture is due to my own ignorance of the language.

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What’s New in the?

Gmail Keeper – A simple, fast and yet rather powerful backup manager for your email account on any computer. It will back up all your email locally on your PC, and synchronize with Gmail servers to keep new messages and archive copies of your old messages. In addition, it allows you to read your mail in offline mode. The application will also alert you when new mail is available. Also, you can create backup profiles that correspond to your different mail accounts.
What’s New in Version 1.2:
The application interface has been totally redesigned:
– Initial window: popup with account type;
– Auto-connect popup: new window with list of connections;
– Server list: new window with list of available servers;
– Gmail labels window: new window with list of Gmail labels;
– Inbox (trash) window: new window with a list of deleted emails.
New features:
– P2P: client can connect directly to other client connected to the same server;
– Google IMAP access: mode with full access to all Gmail folders;
– With a single click, a copy of your mail is made to your PC.

• Gmail Keeper works only for Google domains;
• If you use IMAP access, it does not work with Microsoft Exchange accounts;
• The application does not synchronize with;
• The backup archive is created on your PC and is readable only if the mail account used for the backup has at least 200 MB of available space.

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