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Medical imaging in a variety of modalities continues to influence physician-patient communications. The spectrum of radiological findings can span and exploit a variety of physiological systems, with attendant implications for fundamental cognitive and psychophysiological processes. This article addresses the substantial influence that images can have on an individual’s self-perception, ability to assimilate the information, and overall judgmental processes. It also briefly highlights the history of radiological depictions of the human eye, and considers the emotional content contained in both benign and malignant lesions of the eye, which might interfere with an individual’s perception and subsequent judgment. Ultimately, the impact of images on the daily interactions between physicians and patients should be carefully assessed, monitored, and managed. Recommendations for clinical practice, academic supervision, and ethics are offered.Q:

Using sed and awk to identify and extract tabular data from text file

I have a text file with tabular data, like:

I want to output a tabular table that looks like: