# World
An online role-playing game (RPG) set in a world where the Lands Between are in a state of constant chaos.
* Various Maps including City, Woods, Mountains, and Ancient Ruins
* A vast field with a variety of situations and a huge dungeon with complex and three-dimensional designs that are seamlessly connected.
* A wide area that allows easy travel between towns.
* A diverse range of monsters, traps, and other content


Features Key:

  • Cast Brandings: Tarnished Revenge, Tarnished Allegiance, Tarnished Stronghold
  • Charms: Grace, Lost Legend, Elden Chivalry, Shinobi Ability
  • Muscles: Weightlifting
  • Strike Style: Sword, Polearm, Fist, and Ranged
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    Key Features

    • Grade 3 Characters
    • Grace Ability, Lost Legend and Elden Chivalry Charm
    • Familiar Dungeon
    • Classless Skill based Job System
    • Class Mark System
    • Cultist Magic
    • Physical Strength

    Erden Ring: ReVersed

    Erden Ring ReVersed, the second version of Elden Ring, brings new content with a charming illustration style, and advanced graphic effects!


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      Elden Ring For PC [2022-Latest]



      (iOS or Android Game)

      [Play On Android]

      [Play On iOS]

      (iOS or Android Game)GAME INFORMATION.

      GENRE: Role playing games

      (iOS or Android Game)LANGUAGE.

      English, Japanese, Korean

      (iOS or Android Game)RELEASE DATE.

      (iOS or Android Game)PUBLICATIONS.


      Elden Ring Crack Free [2022-Latest]

      Adventure map

      Chat (Message center)

      Tutorials and Help Guide

      Main Character Info (Profile)

      Playable Characters:

      Thomas Ost: The Fallen Knight of Midgard, the former Lord of the Frostland.

      Estelle D’Delaure: An Edwan Knight and the Bride of Galdora.

      Kasten Kedd: An Edwan Knight and the Knight Marshal of the Light.

      Unplayable Characters:

      Galdora: Bride of Galdora

      Ivaille: The Daughted of Sigrid

      Lucreh: The Winter Queen of Midgard

      Mila: The Lady of Exile (Unplayable)

      Warlord Skills:

      Frost Blades-Glaive

      Aura-Daedric Spirit

      Battle-Blood Sucker

      Battle-Dark Sovereign

      Battle-Living Armor


      Battle-Deep Freeze

      Blazing Aura

      Battle-Underground Hunter

      Galdra-Chain of Might

      Battle-Gemini Blade

      Daedric Soul

      Battle-Aura of Protection

      Blood Sucker

      Daedric-Raptor’s Claw

      Daedric-Blood Sucker

      Daedric-Aura of Protection

      Daedric-Dark Sovereign

      Daedric-Gemini Blade

      Named Weapons and Armor:

      Galdra Blade-Spirit


      Spoiler (Click to show/hide)

      If you like this game, please support us on Steam.

      Do you have any questions, feedback, or comments?

      You can always write me directly by using Twitter:

      Thanks for playing Tarnished!

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      Free Elden Ring

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      In an adventure of a lifetime, A hero is born.

      About this game:

      Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG with a relaxing Story that you can compare to an anime series. You play a hero who rises up and brandishes the power of the Elden Ring.

      You have been sent to the Lands Between by Destiny that commands to you to save those on the other side of the Rift that separates the lands of the Elden.

      In this fantasy action RPG, you will experience a wide range of Fantasy dungeons and different worlds that are full of exciting things like monsters, monsters, and more monsters, many deadly beasts, and of course, hundreds of challenging battles where you will have to slash the monsters, using your specific skills to grow stronger.

      In Elden Ring, you fight using a new weapon and armor, you will also have some special actions in real time for each combat that not only let you unleash more powerful attacks, but save you from being hurt or get maximum damage.

      You have a set of abilities, both passive and temporary spells, and your stats to enhance and reach greater battle results. You will also receive special weapons and armor that only you can wield.

      To refine your character’s abilities, you will also train alongside a mentor, who will help you reach the max levels for your battle skills.

      - Story
      The fantasy RPG ELDEN RING is an adventure of a lifetime with a wide range of fantasy dungeons that you can compare with an anime series. You are an adventurer who rises up and brandishes the power of the Elden Ring, so you can fight the evil that poses in the Lands Between.

      - Story
      A first fantasy RPG that you can compare to an anime series. You play as a hero who has been sent to save the people on the other side of the Rift that separates the lands of the Elden.

      - Story
      You have been sent by destiny to the Lands Between. A wide range of fantasy dungeons that you can compare to an anime series. To save the people on the other side of the Rift that separates the lands of the Elden, you must defeat the evil that poses in the Lands Between.


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    • More than 40 base classes and more than 30 customizable classes.
    • More than 20 dedicated Bosses, Field Bosses, and Summoners.
    • More than 30 quests.
    • More than 30 unique maps.
    • Special Sphere, Sky Arena Class, and Light of Lucifer summoner.
    • Online White/Black system.
    • Equipment changes with equipped items.
    • Fully voiced dialogues.
    • High Quality and Stageless Dual-Webshop.
    • Creation of topic messages.

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    System Requirements:

    Computer with minimum specs of:
    i5-2500k (Gain about 6% FPS increase over previous version)
    GTX 670/AMD R9 290
    16 GB of RAM (A minimum of 8GB)
    Stable internet connection (No lag spikes when playing)
    DirectX 12 Supported GPU:
    GTX 1060
    AMD RX 480 (Sapphire Nitro+ or MSI B450)
    AMD RX 470 (MSI B450 Gaming+)
    AMD RX 460


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