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Total Synthesis combines the component elements of tabletop roleplaying games and the most captivating elements of a visual novel. When you summon forth your character, making choices about your allies and enemies, you’ll be trapped in a living, breathing world with a narrative that changes depending on your character’s actions.
Gorgeous graphics, smooth animation, and a robust, modern combat system fill the screen.

Choose your class and gender, then set off to battle as a brave heroine or towering demon lord. The fate of the nation rests on your shoulders, and in your hands lie the freedom of Fae-inspired fantasy.



“Damn, this game is good.” —IGN

“It’s beautifully designed and has an incredibly polished production quality, to boot.” —Erove

“Co-op in RPGs is a rare proposition, but Total Synthesis makes it happen, effortlessly.” —GameStar

“Total Synthesis is an arcade-style RPG that has, at its heart, a sublime real-time combat system that feels awesome.” —GameSpot

*** Total Synthesis is the latest title to come to Android from the creators of Inazuma Eleven!

*** In Total Synthesis, combine your party to battle powerful enemies and solve puzzles to gain the power to overthrow the enemy regime and become a legendary hero.

*** Explore a variety of fantastical locales and meet colorful characters in a visually stunning world. You are a race of heroes, a band of adventurers, a band of friends.

Choose your class and gender, then choose your path. Your options are numerous and the journey begins here!

A war has raged for several hundred years. Why, and for what purpose?

The battling, the destruction of lands, the chopping of heads, and only one question in mind of “Who is the candidate for the right to rule the lands?”

It is not the king, but the last of the godsworn from a faraway land.

The war has been won. But the ruling order has not been settled yet. A deity has been chosen as the ruler of lands. The last of the godsworn is swearing absolute loyalty to their new lord. And now the two rulers are to be wed.



Features Key:

  • Personal Bond Fantasy
    • An unprecedented action RPG where you can freely customize your character in the Worlds Between.
    • Open world with seamless transition between the Worlds Between allows you to experience a dramatic and exciting action adventure.
    • A vast world where many different activities and quests are available.
    • Gameplay that allows you to strengthen your equipment and prepare for upcoming battles, while at the same time specializing your personal play style.
  • Single-player Story
    • An epic story of a man who saves the world driven by his own dream.
  • Unique Online Play
    • Open world in which players can travel together and enjoy an online experience free from the confines of a single-player environment.
    • Embedded interconnect function that allows players to directly connect with each other and experience a unique online experience free from the restrictions of a single-player environment.
  • Lustrous Graphics
    • An unprecedented depiction of the fantasy-obsessed atmosphere of the Lands Between, where you can enjoy a crisp, realistic, and fluid action game online.
  • Multidirectional weapons
    • Wide-ranging attacks with a multitude of effects.
    • Enjoy Sword Arts that use the strength of the player and the environment to optimize the player’s actions.
  • Multiplayer PvP Battle
    • Engage in PvP battles with other players. Take on other players in heated multiplayer combat, and enjoy PvP battles with powerful pieces of equipment that bring an unprecedented tactical advantage.
    • Let your fantasy world of action flourish under the scorching heat of PvP battles with the power of magic and swords!
  • Unique character leveling system
    Level up based on the player’s playstyle, without restriction by character class.
  • Rest assured that Dragon Mark should always be present on your device. If it is absent, please
    restore it


    Elden Ring Full Product Key 2022 [New]

    – Very smooth and comfortable, easy to control, and beautiful.

    – The battle is pleasing and varied, and the challenge can be felt.

    – The game’s new art and visuals are greatly improved.


    – The level of crafting is lovely, and even the smallest details are easily seen.

    – Those who specialize in crafting will be able to look forward to purchasing items by breeding unique items.

    – The different battle types are refreshing and fun.

    HEART ①

    It was a while since I played an RPG in Koei’s series, but it’s been a while since I played an RPG that’s so fantastic that I couldn’t help but get an immediate thrill out of it. It has a simple and powerful combat system, a beautiful, unique world, and several extremely cute characters. The staff and soundtrack combined with the game’s atmosphere and design are also just outstanding. With so many parts that are fun and delicious, I felt a strong urge to play, and just look at the game’s screenshots.

    – It’s a beautifully vivid world, and it’s a joy to travel around. The game also has a vast amount of interesting content, and I felt myself playing happily for a long time.

    – The game is a fantasy action game that has a seamless connection to other RPGs. I didn’t actually register much, but it went along with what I was doing.

    – The main character, Gilthanas, is also a familiar character, and their look is among the series’ most simple. I thought, “I don’t feel the need to buy this game, but I’m also looking forward to seeing what comes.”

    – The battle and leveling of the main character are very interesting. I think those who value the main character will enjoy this game as well.

    – (I have a minor weakness in speed because I’m a motorist, so I can’t go very fast, but I consider this as a strength.) When I think of all the parts that are fun, I think it’s clear that I found this game to be a real gem. I recommend it to those who love RPGs.


    It’s a wonderful love story. It’s also a game in the vein of Valkyria Chronicles. The fact that the story is brought to life


    Elden Ring [Mac/Win] 2022 [New]

    Over 200 Different Skill Types
    A variety of 1 through 400 basic combat skills will allow you to choose the right weapon for every occasion. And you can transfer skills to other weapons. In addition, you can upgrade and combine these combat skills, as well as the skills related to gathering that you acquire during your travels and from the red line. Of course, depending on your character’s level, you can add a variety of supplementary skills to the list.

    Over 500 Main Job Classes
    The main job classes in this game have 100 different skills. In addition, you will be able to combine class skills. Through the 10 jobs that you have from the start of the game, you can freely change your job, and you can also change the job skills.

    A Wide Range of Player Levels
    A wide range of 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 levels will allow everyone to play in the game at his or her preferred level. As an original action RPG, it will also offer a wide variety of new combat skills, party jobs, item skills, and powerful summons.

    Create Your Own Character
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    Choose Your Own Dungeon
    The game allows players to freely adjust the area where the game takes place. The action of the dungeon can be freely set. If you are not sure where to set the action, you can freely set it between the open field and the dungeon.

    Design Your Own World
    You can freely set the internal map of the world and the area where the characters are playing in the game. You can freely expand your world and capture enemies and guilds.

    Write Your Own Story
    Through the skill points that you have, you will be able to talk with your character and proceed to the red line. You can freely develop your own story that affects the entire online game.

    Battle Game System “Combat”
    First, you will be guided by an opening story.
    Battle begins with a battle scene.
    When the battle scene ends, depending on the outcome, there will be a specific scenario leading to the new story.
    In addition, there will also be various interruptions throughout the story.

    The action of battles
    The battle action of this game will be fully realized by describing the process


    What’s new:

    Now that we’ve introduced the world of Elden Ring, I hope you will become immersed in its grand action and fantasy world as you gain experience, and take on the role of an adventurer.

    Purchase the game on PlayStation Vita: available at retail in Japan from November 19, and at retail and PSN digitally on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC from November 18.

    Download for PlayStation Vita on the PlayStation Store.

    Elden Ring Game Revealed in Debut PS Vita Trailer screenshot

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    What is Old Is New Again in the WRPG Revolution.
    “When I first played Ashes of Ariandel I realized that it was a game that was pretty different. I have always had a love of fantasy and roleplaying games but this one was really just….weird. I’ve talked a lot about being a total novice when it comes to RPGs. ”
    “I was getting ready to sell the game on Amazon, but I immediately felt like I had to give it another try. However, I was really scared that I had spent over two hours of my life on a first-time RPG’s path that just went nowhere. ”
    What is old is new again in the WRPG revolution!
    The fate of the world can be in your own hands and will hold true to the greatness of a new roleplaying revolution.
    Get started on your adventure in the Ashes of Ariandel RPG and come to the aid of the Kingdom of Westereich.
    The world is a complex place and if you don’t know where to begin, just join the masses of adventurers at the nearest town.
    Ashes of Ariandel – the newest fantasy RPG for Windows PC!
    Complete the epic story by fighting through the eight different story arcs.
    Build your character with multiple paths of customization.
    A deep, three-dimensional world that evolves with your character.
    A rich, fantasy setting with a lore all its own.
    A massive roleplaying experience with strong, original characters.
    Visit historical locations and places and fight in battles with countless foes.
    Explore all the nuances of the world and take part in its major events.
    Battle through story-telling missions.
    Take on the role of the main character and walk through special locations.
    Fight against thousands of enemies and unlock more than 50 skills.
    Unlock the secrets of the eight different story arcs and defeat the mysterious evil.
    Pay attention to your character’s fate and reveal the true form of your destiny.
    The only thing that stands in your way are your choices.
    As you change the course of events, your world will never be the same.
    Your quest awaits you…
    Explore the world of Westereich.
    Fulfill quests and take part in epic battles.
    Use your logic,


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download DCRACK from the link below, extract and double click on DCRACK.exe to install it.
  • Open DCRACK by double clicking on DCRACK.exe
  • Click “Start New” to go to the “Settings” window. Now, change the value of “Zip Default Packs” to “check”.
  • Press “Reset all” to get rid of the default packs.
  • Now, select “Elden Ring” from the drop-down list and then press “OK” to continue with the installation.
  • Close the settings window after the installation completes.
  • Once the game has been installed, close the Title Selection window from the Game menu. Open the “Map Maker” window by pressing “Strg + W” keys on your keyboard.
  • Choose “Make Map” from the “Tools” section to open the Map Editor window.
  • Press “Tab” key on your keyboard to go to the “Map Location” section on the left panel. Now, select “Create” to open the “Create Map” window.
  • Type the map area along with the dimensions of your map in the “Create Map Location” box and press “Enter” key to continue with the creation process.
  • To create the canyons, bodies and hills, select “Change elevation” from the “Tools” menu of the Map Editor window.
  • Do one or more of the following actions from the options that follow.