Rise, Tarnished, and Become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!

The world of Elden Ring is set on the Continent of Asceroth, which is a place filled with countless strong beings who are fused with gems and ornaments. The fierce creatures known as the Elden, who are the descendants of humans who have fused with gems and ornaments, live in the wild lands beyond the capital city and expand their influence beyond the existence of all.

The main character, who has become lost in the Lands Between, is suddenly rescued by the girl known as Tarnished, who is the leader of the town of Mist Keep. Together with the girl, who is also lost, they try to find their way back to the world of humans.

The Lands Between are a place where the struggle between the former existence and the new expansion between the Elden and the humans rages. In the Lands Between, a variety of places, such as fortresses, cities, castles, and plains, can be encountered that have strong defenders.
While the Elden are war-like, strong, and merciless, the humans are also savage and powerful, and they have their own strong loyalty.

Throughout the story, you will meet many powerful enemies and even tougher opponents, such as dragons, who are stronger than most humans. The worlds of humans and the Elden are also connected through a bizarre and illogical world. By using the power of the Elden’s rings, the main character can freely cross over between the two worlds and take action.

How about it? Are you ready to step into the lands between?

1. The contents of this application are based on Tarnished Works’
own game concept, trademark applications, copyright registrations,
and other relevant materials.

2. Tarnished Works disclaims any and all rights in any of the
contents of this application that it does not legally own.

3. The following are expressly prohibited:

A. Making a similar game in which the characters, setting,


Features Key:

  • Brilliant ArtDesign
    Elden Ring takes advantage of the latest generation of graphics and puts a modern spin on the classic fantasy art style.
  • Evocative Soundtrack
    The music of Elden Ring plays an important role in enhancing the atmosphere of battle and travel.
  • Huge Vast World
    The world of Elden Ring is fully three-dimensional and creates a feeling of space for the player to freely explore the vast and desolate lands of the Lands Between.
  • Complex Battles
    Thousands of monsters encircle the player and cause fear in their hearts. In a clash of two armies, only the most experienced warriors will emerge as victors.
  • Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    One day, an elven girl who was abducted by a dragon charges an old wizard. A hero from the Land of Time, who has long been forgotten, is about to arise.
  • System Requirements
    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • CPU: 1.2 GHz or more
    • Memory: 1.2 GB or more
    • Graphics card: 128 MB or more
    • Sound card: DirectX9-compatible with 16-bit sample playback (optional)
  • Available Languages: English

    Released: 10-12-2015

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    “I am very satisfied with the experience of being an Elden Lord. The modernized fantasy action RPG shown here is fun and exciting. Although the quests are all enjoyable, the developers are able to present diverse types of battles that would be difficult to create in other games.”

    “There are many challenging quests throughout the game. The battles are challenging, fun, and extremely entertaining. If you are a fan of the fantasy genre, I suggest you play this title.”

    “The quests were not only fun, but the organization of the quests in the different regions was very well done.”

    New Characters

    Characters Rise


    Character Creation



    ▪ The deepest and most comprehensive fantasy RPG ever created.
    ▪ The first title by Team Egret that really fulfills the merits of this genre. her man of the moment, Sophie Nauru, in what was the first of a long line of misadventures for them as my eyes and ears on the street.

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    Action RPG Chapter 2 (Battle) game:

    • The attack of the Heroine Lisa Marie.

    – Used in real life, the “Ultra Manicure” display cases.

    – Armed with the longsword “Battle Maiden,” Lisa Marie destroys the “Sand Wasp” with a flurry of attacks, earning the trust of the battle-obsessed patient.

    Card Game ELDEN RING game:

    Death a Man game:

    If you can leave me behind… game:

    Mid-match Of Soldiers… game:

    By the way! In what ways do I go, Sasha? game:


    Elder Jewel game’s not as delicious as the fresh food

    ★ Drop a few units, and there will be no shortage of overwhelming waves of enemies! So, let’s spend more time on supporting the newly made Android version. A King’s and a Queen’s Grace both stand ready for you.


    A crazy turn-based battle system. Take control of a legendary hero, and attack with a powerful hero sword and magic, without forgetting that you are also a skilled warrior.


    【Class Types and Skills】

    The Elden Ring and the Nine Heroes cannot be separated. Multiple classes and skills are made possible through merging the strengths of them all.

    Can you take them all out?

    【A Variety of Different Types of Heroes】

    The Elden Ring and the Nine Heroes include swordsman types, archer types, and more…

    Can you take them all out?

    【Multiple Skills】

    This game features, for example, its own special skill, as well as 300 skills available to the Elden Ring and the Nine Heroes.

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    【A Variety of Heroes】

    Huge, small, short, tall…

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    【Unlimited Recruitment】

    Warriors, wizards, monsters, merchants, and more – Whatever kind of hero you wish to make, you can recruit them, even after creating your own units.

    Can you take them all out?

    【Battle Special Skills】

    We have a variety of ways to generate


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    So what did you think? Do you like the new TES would, or would you rather see something new be developed for it. Leave your thoughts about the webmaster getting kicked in the comment section.

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    Unique OSN

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