Roblox is a free-to-play social platform for users to create and download content. Its games, called “blocks,” can contain a mix of 3D graphics, written scripts, and videos. The system’s games can be created in multiple genres, including racing, action, simulation, strategy, and adventure. There are also tools for developers to create their own game content.
Players can control a character or avatar in a virtual environment (or multiple avatars in a multi-user environment) and accomplish tasks within each game. Though users’ avatars are created as non-playable characters, the characters have virtual bodies, items, and other visual attributes. A user’s avatar is always controlled by that user, though it can listen to the chat messages spoken by other users.
Games hosted on Roblox are made available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Roblox also provides games for other online platforms, including Xbox One and the web.

Roblox Hosting Service
Roblox has a free web-based hosting service that allows developers to upload content to the platform. Games hosted on the web are a separate set of games from those hosted on the iOS or Android apps, and content uploaded to the web will not work within the iOS or Android apps. The Roblox web hosting service allows users to play games in a web browser, though most of Roblox’s games are designed to be played on mobile devices. Unlike most other game hosting services, there is no mechanism for developers to pay Roblox to host their games. Roblox encourages the use of its free web-based hosting services, which are rated highly by users and facilitate the creation and distribution of games.

Mobile Apps

Roblox launched its Android app in October 2011, followed by its iOS app in March 2012. Roblox’s Android and iOS mobile apps are available worldwide in 32 languages, with the goal of improving accessibility for users in different languages.

Roblox released a version of its mobile apps for China in November 2017.

Monetization and Robux
Roblox’s free-to-play monetization model has two major components: (1) in-game purchases, which are known as “microtransactions,” and (2) a virtual currency called Robux. Robux is used for in-game purchases and can be purchased by developers of games on the platform. As of August 2013, Robux could be exchanged for real-


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All cheats and tips below are for iOS. Please use cheats at your own risk.

Roblox Cheat Codes

Roblox Cheats for specific in-game features

Robux/In-game currency: Credits – Robux


Delegate all Roblox games to another player. To see your delegation list, go to “My profile”> “Cheats”> “Delegate.”

Buy Roblox supplies. To buy Roblox supplies, go to the “I want” section in the top right corner. Click on “I want” and then tap on “Redeem”. This will take you to your “Shop” where you’ll see a selection of goodies at different prices. Tap “Buy” on the item you want, and follow the instructions to get to your “Shop.”

Copy cheat codes. Here are some cheat codes for you.


10,000,000 Robux/Roblox credits

/summon xyz 210,270 121,957

0x500000,000 Robux/Roblox credits

/summon xyz 90,600 30,100

Get an achievement. When in game press “space” to access the achievement list. It will appear. To see what you’ve got, go to “My profile”> “Achievements.” This will give you a current list of active achievements. To start playing a game, go to the achievement list and it’s final form. Go into game and start playing the game. The achievement will unlock automatically.

Fly around. If you are trying to play at a friend’s place and you are having troubles, you could try this trick. What you’ll need is a phone. You can get one for free on Amazon or through Verizon. The first step is to go to a friend’s house and open the game on the phone and wait for it to load. When you are done with the game. Close it and then add your phone number in the game settings. Go back to the game and try the cheat again. It’s good way to play while hanging out at friends. To see your achievement list in game just type “a” to


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