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Download Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Movie Movie


Thursday, August 22, 2018

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Mango Manava

Rajan Pauly Ravi Shankar

Mozhi Punnagal Chathurangal Kottu

Magic MondayB

Iruvar Namadhu Kannamma

Sirathu Paattu Kiliye

It was the 5th standard (entrance test) of the year 2007 and I was in great dilemma.As I was preparing for this exam I was not very confident about my topic. In the four years I had to prepare, I didn’t acquire knowledge about the topic.If I prepare on the topic that was given in the paper I could have a better shot. But I was bored to death. And I used to think that if I can’t prepare on the topic I will get lost. I didn’t have any option other than doing the same. I told myself that I have no option and I will try to do the best on this test. So, I tried to do well on the test. That was the most dreaded topic of my life. I was scared to death. If I fail then there would not be any way for me to go to college. My father was a police officer and I never imagined my life without education. That time my life was in the balance. I spent sleepless nights and I didn’t have courage to face my brother and sister-in-law. They didn’t have any sympathy for me. I didn’t want to face them. I’d rather sacrifice my life. I was so afraid that my dream would get shattered. As a weak person, I was fighting with my helpless. I had no strength. I was feeling desperate and I was in a cross roads.I was fed up of everything, I wanted to end everything. I was planning to commit suicide. My misery didn’t know boundaries. But it came to my rescue and gave me the confidence. I got all my strength from that very day. I told myself that now I will show my sister-in-law and brother that there is no one that can pierce me with their words. That makes the difference. I answered their question with such passion and strength. I praised my husband at the end