Nekojishi Original Soundtrack contains:
1. A Sunny Day is Watching Over You – 5 songs, total length 12 minutes, released on 8-22-2018
2. A Sunny Day is Watching Over You – OP Movie Original Soundtrack, released on 8-22-2018
Both of them are available for download at the official soundtrack page on Anime Expo 2018
About Nekojishi Original Soundtrack
Nekojishi Original Soundtrack
With Nekojishi Original Soundtrack, Triodust and KuensanP return to Music-Game-Hime with a new original soundtrack that focuses on Nekojishi Character Music, which delivers a sensual sound through more than 8 minutes of new Nekojishi Music. Composers and an arranger create their splendid musical score for the world of Nekojishi, and share it with you.
Parrot (Nekojishi Character Song – A Sunny Day is Watching over You)
Favorite Key: Fm (0-1-2-3-4)
Audio Tracks:
A Sunny Day is Watching over You (Vocal)
“A Sunny Day is Watching over You” “A Sunny Day is Watching over You”
A Sunny Day is Watching over You (Choral)
“A Sunny Day is Watching over You” “A Sunny Day is Watching over You” “A Sunny Day is Watching over You” “A Sunny Day is Watching over You”
A Sunny Day is Watching over You (Instrumental)
“A Sunny Day is Watching over You” “A Sunny Day is Watching over You”
A Sunny Day is Watching over You (8bit)
“A Sunny Day is Watching over You” “A Sunny Day is Watching over You”
Nekojishi Original Soundtrack
Composed and arranged by Triodust and KuensanP
Vocal by Parrot
Mastered by 3R2Tracks:
1. A Sunny Day is Watching over You (Vocal)
2. A Sunny Day is Watching over You (Title)
3. Home
4. What’s Going on Here?
5. Good Night
6. Confused
7. Lovely Traditional
8. Dance Time
9. Holiday Everyday
10. Don’t Blow It!
11. Happy Date
12. Hot Spring
13. Clear Sky
14. A Sunny Day is Watching over You (Sad)
15. Thinking
16. Battle


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