from any smartphone, tablet, computer, or android wear device, you can stream your favorite songs to fitbit. you will have to download the fitbit deezer app. deezer not only allows you to listen but also record any desired label on the platform. its important to activate the deezer account before streaming.

i am also having the same issues as above. i’m past the code verification and my fitbit versa 2 when i click deezer asks me to go to media settings in the fitbit mobile app to add music. when i do this and click deezer on the app i get the uh oh, can’t connect to server. because my account is linked i also can’t unlink it to try the above suggestions. i’ve reset the fitbit and my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app but i’m still getting the message. can anyone help please.

if you have deezer already installed on your fitbit versa, you may have to download the fitbit deezer app before activating the deezer premium app. in the app settings, click on the deezer premium icon and select fitbit deezer.

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