heres the problem i deal with every time i try to find a stable relationship online. i like someone. what do i do? do i wait to meet or her at a bar? does it really matter? id love to reply, “yes, because if youre waiting by a bar for someone to come up to you, youll have your pick of x guys or x girls and thats it.” i mean, how boring is that? theres a reason i still like to think of myself as a loner. when i’m on a date, i’m on a date and not going through a checklist of possibilities on whoishe or whoareyou?. i always assume the worst, so i might as well look for a trustworthy guy on apps for hookups and not have to worry about posting pictures or meeting in person. it also lets me know that i want someone with the same level of seriousness when it comes to life, not just some attention-seeker trying to get a quick fix.

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