SwiftTec Clapometer is a fun, simple, easy to use, clapometer which includes a league table of competitors. Great for parties and informal talent competitions.
The “applause level” is controlled by the computer operator by the simple but subtle use of the space bar.
Give Clapometer a try to see how it will bring the fun by means of an applause contest!


Download === DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download === DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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– This Clapometer is like any other Clapometer. You hit the space bar and you get a clap. That’s it. But this Clapometer has a simple league table with the names of the contestants on the left. If you hit the space bar and get a clap, it goes to the league table at the bottom of the Clapometer screen. The league table is updated with real time claps as your results accumulate.
– There are ten tables with each table holding 10 players with a spacebar. Each player at the end of their table will move one spacebar up to the next table. So if you have 5 players at 10 spaces, you get to the last table where you go 5 spaces up. The space bar just keeps moving so you must watch it carefully.

To make this game better, you can invite your friends to compete against each other.
Hint: If you don’t hit the space bar for a while, the current league table will be erased and the tables will all be shuffled so it will be harder. This is for the better.
Have fun!
APPLICABLE TO: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Piano Paddle is an addictive game based on the popular music game Pong. The two paddles can be controlled by left and right thumb and if they hit a ball before it bounces off the wall and reaches a goal then a point is scored. The player with the most points is the winner.
This is a free app, but it contains advertisements. If you would like to donate money to support my coding work, please check out the “donate” button. It will take you to the iTunes page where you can make a donation. I would really appreciate it if you chose to donate.
Have fun!
APPLICABLE TO: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

You are in a corridor, on your way to a great concert. The doors are around you and you can open them and enter the concert hall. The opening of the doors is controlled by a generator! Yes, this is a music game. But if you let the power decrease you can hear the music mix sound better. You can use the controls to step up/down through the various levels of the music.

Tap down to play a full length film or tap up to stop the music and take the film back to the beginning of the film. Tap in between on the song to choose the song you want to watch.

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– Show your competition in a league table
– Please use only one “space bar” to give the applause to your performer
– Your table will be shown to each of the spectators in the room; just clap with a space bar!
If you have any suggestions, just let us know. If you are having problems, or need help please visit our FAQs page
We hope you enjoy this app!
What’s New
– Minor bug fix
– New UI
– Bug fix: Invalid table pass
– Initial release

We are now accepting donations and their proceeds will go towards upgrading of our servers and to help with other issues.

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Specially developed for applauding competitions,
– Clapometer is suitable for competitions where the performance is important, such as recitals, sight-reading contests, piano, tennis or football,
– Clapometer is suitable for private parties where the fun is important, such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties or parties in general
Video tutorials:
* Clapometer Basics.
* Clapometer practice – how to applaud.
* Clapometer ready – how to use Clapometer.
* Use iPad/iPhone as control panel.
* Clapometer software program and “applause report”
* Video Tutorial for iPad – How to use Clapometer
* Video Tutorial for iPhone – How to use Clapometer
* Clapometer software program for Windows.
* Clapometer software program for iPad
* Applause Report
* How to use the league table
* How to use the LED Strips
* How to use the Applause Level Meter
* How to use the Notes
Additional information:
This App includes the following information:
* Clapometer Screenshots
* How to set up the system
* Clapometer Threshold
* How to set the notes
* How to setup the LED Strips
* How to setup the league table
* How to setup the Applause Level Meter
* How to setup the account
* How to setup the Applause report
* How to setup the league table
* Clapometer Touch Screen
* How to use the touch screen
* How to be the scoring operator
* How to use the “copy/paste” option
* How to use the keyboard
* How to use the Notes
* How to use the Notes and Notes with the league table
* How to use the league table
* How to use the league table with the notes
* How to use the league table with the notes and the notes
* How to use the league table with the notes and the notes with the league table
* How to use the league table with the notes and the notes with the league table and the notes
* How to use the league table with the notes and the league table and the notes with the league table and the notes with the league table
* How to use the league table with the notes and the league table and the notes with the league table and the league table and the notes
* How to use the league table with the notes and the league

What’s New In Clapometer?

Clapometer is the easy way to judge musicians, actors, singers and dancers.
Compete with your friends on the fastest time, the best rhythm, the best pauses, the most unique applause.
== Game Features ==
* A nice and loud (even for earliers) applause sound
* Easy to use: just hit the space bar to clap along
* Possibility to select the background music
* No need for hardware or intermediate programming
* Multiple possibilities of game modes
* Adjust game modes like game speed (choose between slow, normal and fast)
* League Table
* Expert Mode
* Nice interface
* Continuous integration of players
With a click you can change your score via using a leaderboard with the possibility to view all games
Game Source:
Additional Info:

Download on:

Music: Rani Bathory – Tranzient
Horn sounds are a nice addition to the big and beautiful Voiceloop. The Voiceloop is a great tool which uses the notebook for storing sounds, mixdowns and real-time effects, while the Voiceloop Workstation (not on sale yet) makes it the ultimate home studio tool.

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+And what if I want to I copy it to the same directory?+

+And I want to make a copy just for my family?+

+How to Backup our files

System Requirements For Clapometer:

In the following table, please specify your operating system version and screen resolution (in pixels).
Operating System Version Screen Resolution Windows 7 64-bit 640 × 480 Windows Vista 64-bit 640 × 480 Windows XP 64-bit 800 × 600 Windows 2000 64-bit 640 × 480 Windows NT 4.0 64-bit 640 × 480 Windows ME 64-bit 640 × 480 Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger 632 × 480 (for widescreen and non-square icons) Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard 640 × 480 (for widescreen and non-

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