If you are trying to restrict access to your CDs or DVD, or you're planning to hide some of the removable drives connected to your computer, CD-DVD Lock is one of the apps that could do that for you.
The application boasts what can be easily considered a minimal look, with options grouped on tabs for easy browsing and instant lock activation.
Once launched, CD-DVD Lock automatically detects the available drives and displays them in a simple window, with a left mouse required to lock them and thus restrict access and a right click needed for hiding them completely.
A number of options are also available and it's highly recommended to have a look in there too because this is the only way to enable password protection. Plus, you can define the number of attempts to enter a password, but also lock the drives in Safe Mode and block discs from getting ejected.
CD-DVD Lock works on most Windows versions, but we've noticed some compatibility issues during our testing on Windows 7. The program sometimes fails to launch, even when used with administrator privileges.
On the good side, CD-DVD Lock does what it says and doesn't hamper system performance at all, placing an icon in System Tray for quick access to all of its features.
Overall, this tiny program could attract a handful of users, but a number of enhancements are clearly needed to work properly on all Windows workstations. A more appealing interface and more configuration options would be great enhancements too.


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Download » DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






CD-DVD Lock Crack With Product Key Download [32|64bit]

Lock your CDs/DVDs, protect your media and restrict access!
-Lock your Cd/Dvd by simply dragging the icon on top of the tray with a mouse
-Hide your Cd/Dvd with a right mouse click
-Resize the icon, lock the tray or just show a text description of the media
-If you have the chance to lock the tray of your printer, you can do it with the mouse (there is no shortcut yet to do that – if you want to let the developer know, please write to us)
-Customize all operations with options menu
-The icon uses the Aero window theme
-Privacy options are available (don’t show the icon in the system tray, show the icon but don’t change it´s size, and even disable all notifications)
-Support all the way from Windows 98 to Windows XP and 7
-Windows Vista x64 can use the x86 version (but, only from 8.1)
-Eclipse CD-DVD does not interfere with the program
-Can lock any folder in your computer (the folder must be readable)
-Can show the description of Cd/Dvd files
-Can show or hide the icon in the system tray (if you set this up before)
-Hide your media inside a RAR or ZIP file
-Support for Windows PE files (dll files)
-Eclipse CD-DVD does not interfere with the program
-Can lock any folder in your computer (the folder must be readable)
-Hide the icon
-Cannot show the description of Cd/Dvd files
-Cannot lock any folder in your computer
-Can show the icon in the system tray (if you set this up before)
-Support for Windows PE files (dll files)
-Can make an icon with a picture
CD-DVD Lock Screenshots:Design and synthesis of thiazolidine- and imidazolidine-based antioxidant glucosidephospholipid analogues.
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ShakeIt Media Desktop Player 2.1

From PeG Software Systems Inc.

ShakeIt is a convenient and easy-to-use media player app for the Windows operating system.
It comes as two versions — one free, another that allows you to pause, resume or skip currently playing media.
ShakeIt media player offers a window that can be resized and moved, a library to store your movies, TV shows and any other media files on your hard disk.
ShakeIt Media Player 2.1 is also capable of playing DVD movies, CD audio and CD/DVD combo discs.
Need more features? ShakeIt Media Player supports various playlist modes, an option to burn playlist to a CD/DVD disc, import media and much more.
That’s not all, you can also change the look of the player and customize its features.
ShakeIt Media Player Description:
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iMedia Desktop Player Lite 2.1

From HackSoft Inc.

iMedia Desktop Player Lite is a Windows Media Player alternative that plays almost any kind of media files.
The player has neat features and comes with a wide range of media codecs, such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, GSM, and even 3GPP and.wma files.
iMedia Desktop Player can be used to play videos, movies, audio, music, software, and games. Moreover, it supports all the features of Windows Media Player 10 including the Play To function, easy access to the player via Tools > Media Library, window manipulation, and thumbnail view.
As well, iMedia Desktop Player can also be used to view online media and burn optical media discs.
Despite the low price, the application supports the major and minor codecs used in the industry today. It also offers a unique function that lets the user set the codec used to play the files, and even change its name.
If you want more features, you can download the free version of iMedia Desktop Player from this page.
The application is compatible with Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Vista (32-bit), Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 2000 (32-bit and

CD-DVD Lock Crack [March-2022]

Protect your CDs, DVDs, drives and blank CDs/DVDs/discs on your computer.
The CD/DVD protection feature in your CD/DVD drive acts as a special folder. Every time you load a CD/DVD, a file is copied from the CD/DVD. The file copied from the CD/DVD is the data file which contains the data on the CD/DVD. You can use this file to “burn” a CD/DVD.
You can also load a blank CD/DVD into your CD/DVD drive to perform test on blank CD/DVD. Then you can use CD-DVD Lock to protect the blank CD/DVD.
After the blank CD/DVD is protected, you can use the Data File Extractor to recover the data from the protected CD/DVD, before you use it to load the CD/DVD.
The program also can protect the CD/DVD/Disc that have password protection.
Key Features:
CD-DVD Lock supports most types of CD/DVD drives;
CD-DVD Lock can be used with administrator rights;
CD-DVD Lock can be hidden or show in system tray;
CD-DVD Lock can protect CD/DVD/Discs that have Password protection;
CD-DVD Lock can take control of the following partitions:
C:D: DVD: DVD-RW: Discs:
DVD-RW: Discs:
CD-DVD Lock can be used to protect the “ISO” files.
CD-DVD Lock can detect the blank CD/DVD/Disc when you insert it.
CD-DVD Lock can auto-replace the detected blank CD/DVD/Disc with a protected CD/DVD/Disc.
CD-DVD Lock can protect CD/DVD/Discs which have the password protection.
CD-DVD Lock can detect your blank CD/DVD/Disc by using the driver.
CD-DVD Lock provides quick auto recovery of any protected CD/DVD.
CD-DVD Lock can handle the special cases where a blank CD/DVD/Disc is detected and should be replaced by a protected CD/DVD/Disc.
CD-DVD Lock can protect CD/DVD/Discs with no password.
CD-DVD Lock can put the system into safe-mode by protecting CDs/DVDs.
CD-DVD Lock can clean all the volumes and folders that are on Windows Hard Drive.
How to Use:
CD-DVD Lock provides the simple functions of:

What’s New In CD-DVD Lock?

A useful application for Windows 9x and Windows XP users, who want to protect their CDs or DVDs. With CD-DVD Lock you can easily restrict access to CDs and DVDs or even hide them completely. The application boasts a simple yet intuitive user interface and a nice feature that allows you to instantly launch a remote system.
Key features of CD-DVD Lock:
* Quickly lock the CDs or DVDs and hide them entirely
* Install and uninstall applications remotely
* Protect CDs and DVDs from being ejected
* Protect the disc from being copied
* Easy configuration of the time intervals of allowing access to the protected CDs or DVDs
* Setup a remote server using a PC anywhere in the world
* Always be informed when a protected disc is inserted
* Easy to install and uninstall
* Works with all Windows 9x and Windows XP versions
* Advanced support for all Windows platforms
* Simple and easy to use interface
CD-DVD Lock Screenshots:


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