Modern day cell phones are capable multimedia platforms but lack a readily available, convenient, and low-cost method of acquiring personal media content. The BlueJoy project aims to resolve this problem by providing an open source Java application that uses Bluetooth technology to transfer files between a cell phone and a computer.
The BlueJoy project is based on the BlueCove Java library, runs on desktop/laptop PC computers, and is capable of interacting with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.
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.. The BlueJoy application allows you to exchange files between your cell phone and your PC via the Bluetooth protocol.
.. BlueJoy uses Java 2 and the BlueCove framework to find the bluetooth device, connect to the device, start a file transfer, and end the connection.
.. BlueJoy makes this file exchange as easy as possible for you.
.. BlueJoy doesn’t require installation of any special software or drivers on your PC.
.. BlueJoy is configured using a web-based configurator running in your browser, this makes it easy to configure BlueJoy for use in any environment.
.. File transfers will be started automatically on receiving a file-transfer request from the phone.
.. The BlueJoy application requires less than 10 Mb of hard drive space on your PC.
.. BlueJoy is installable as an ordinary Java application from the BlueJoy website and can be used with any cell phone that is equipped with a Bluetooth connector.
Download BlueJoy:
.. BlueJoy can be downloaded at:
.. The installer for BlueJoy can also be downloaded.

Vision of a Digital Archival System for cell phone photography
The BlueJoy project’s overall objective is the establishment of a Digital Archival System for cell phone photography that is compatible with the BP-101 microcontrollers.
The method by which BlueJoy will accomplish this goal is the implementation of a Java application that will be capable of accessing the Bluetooth protocol on cell phones, start file-transfers, and ends file-transfers using a hands-off approach that utilizes a simple web-configurator-based tool. The web-configurator application will allow the end-user the chance to configure their BlueJoy interface to any cell phone’s Bluetooth protocol. The use of a web-configurator allows BlueJoy to be used in any environment that a user is able to access the internet, which includes public and private schools, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, remote offices, and any other place where people can access the internet.
.. Here’s a list of things that I’ve done to test my efforts to make BlueJoy compatible with BP-101.
.. I’ve tried all of these with my Samsung Wave in addition to the Motorola XT720 and the Motorola XT720R.
.. I’ve tested the Nokia N800 and N810 on the BP-101 platform in addition to the Motorola XT

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BlueJoy is a Java application that allows a PC desktop to transfer files wirelessly to a cell phone,
and vice versa. The functionality requires a compatible Bluetooth headset, a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, and a PC
with BlueJoy Java installed and running.
BlueJoy Supported Cell Phones:
The BlueJoy application is capable of sending multimedia files to the following cell phones:
Samsung i520
Samsung i810
Nokia 5800
Nokia 2100
Sony Ericsson T620
The performance of BlueJoy varies with the cell phone being used, so be sure to test it thoroughly on your particular phone.
How to Run BlueJoy:
To install BlueJoy, download a Java version 1.5 or above from
Download BlueJoy and save the file to any directory of your choice. The zip file contains the
BlueJoy jar file and the JBiz file, which must be extracted to the BlueJoy/Java/ directory on the PC in which the
application will run.
Extract the BlueJoy zip file as follows:
Open a Windows Explorer window to the directory in which is located. Select the
On the Windows Start menu, select All Programs, and then Accessories. The Open With dialog box appears.
Select the file to be opened with BlueJoy and then click Open.
Now that BlueJoy is extracted, users can start BlueJoy by using the Java program installed on their PC. BlueJoy can
be run from within a DOS window or by starting the program from a DOS prompt. The BlueJoy application is written in
Java, and requires a Java 1.5 runtime installed on the PC.
To start BlueJoy from a DOS prompt, type the following at the command prompt:
java -cp BlueJoy_1.0.0.jar
To start BlueJoy from within a Java window, you must first start the Java application. Select the Run/Debug tab
and then double-click to start the Java program.
When the Java program starts, enter the following on the command line:
java -jar BlueJoy_1.0.0.jar
A Windows firewall may cause the application to be unable to access the Bluetooth port


The BlueJoy project, a Java application for transferring files between a computer and a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, is based on the BlueCove Java library, runs on desktop/laptop PC computers, and is capable of interacting with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.
Feature includes:
* Transfers files, pictures, videos, music, and anything else that fits on the cell phone to a computer.
* Supports Bluetooth 2.0 (supported by all Bluetooth-enabled phones).
* Works with a variety of cell phones, handsets, and platforms.
* Runs on PC computers and works well on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Solaris.
* Well maintained and tested for compatibility.
* Comfortable, easy-to-use with menus and simple prompts.
* Uses the BlueCove library, a Java library for managing Bluetooth connections, seamlessly interacting with the cell phone to transfer files.
* Display a progress dialog while a file is being transferred.
* Send a message to the cell phone if a transfer has not been completed within a specified amount of time.
* In the case of a non-WLAN transfer, recognize that a cell phone may be in use and be quiet.
* The program runs in a Windows console and in Linux using telnet to route to the cell phone.
* An Android application is currently underway.
Why Choose BlueJoy?
Unlike most multimedia solutions, BlueJoy is a non-interactive solution. This means that a user can have multiple devices in one room simultaneously and transfer files simultaneously without having to transfer files twice, or even at all.
Cell phones are the most popular device for audio/video recording nowadays. Simply put, BlueJoy is the easiest and most convenient way to transfer files between these phones and computers.
BlueJoy was created and is being maintained by an unpaid volunteer developer. We’re a small team of developers who have been working on BlueJoy since late September 2006.
We have experience developing software for the Palm platform (BlueCar and BlueFire). We’re familiar with Bluetooth programming (since Linux and Windows). We love to work with Java/Swing, and we’re actively looking to improve it with input from the community.
We’re dedicated to making BlueJoy a great tool for all cell phone users to use.
BlueJoy download page is here:

BlueJoy Forums are here:

What’s New In?

…Want to send files to your PC (PC speaker, MP3, or more) from your cell phone? Bluejoy will do it for you. This is a fully-functional Java desktop/laptop application that uses the Bluetooth wireless serial technology to send, receive and store data to an unlimited number of Bluetooth enabled devices: cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, MP3 players with 3.5mm jack, PDAs and more. This Java application can receive data from any source and write to any destination.
Bluejoy is a file transfer application using the Bluetooth wireless serial protocol, all written in Java. It has the ability to act as a network hub, switching incoming and outgoing data between multiple devices.
This J2ME Java application requires Bluetooth File Transfer in order to work.
Bluejoy uses the BlueCove Java library, which runs on desktop/laptop PC computers, with no hardware or operating system requirements. Bluejoy is capable of interacting with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.
Bluejoy aims to be a cross platform solution, operating under any computer operating system that supports Java 2Micro Edition, and supports any bluetooth enabled cell phone that has the Bluetooth File Transfer application.
This Java desktop application uses the BlueCove Java library to interact with Bluetooth enabled devices.
Bluejoy Java desktop application requirements:
Windows 98SE, Millennium, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.
The Java environment must be installed with the machine owner. For Windows users there is no additional fee for this.
Android platform:
Bluejoy can handle Bluetooth File Transfers from any Android-based cell phone, however, the default Android File Transfer protocol does not support sending multiple files. The results is that only the last file is transferred. You can (if you have the time) modify the source application to support this feature. For more information on how to do this, see the “Enhancing the Bluejoy Android Application” section.
Mac OS 9, 10, or Tiger.
The Linux Bluejoy Desktop Java Application requires BlueCove 2.2.6 or later. BlueCove for Linux is freely available for download at
For anyone who has problems with Bluejoy, it would be appreciated if you contact me. My contact information is available at
BlueJoy example code:

System Requirements:

· XP SP3 or later
· Install the game (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (64bit) or later
· Install the game on Windows 7 and Windows Vista (64bit) or later
· Install the game on Mac OS X 10.10 or later
· Install the game on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad)
· Install the game on Android devices (Nexus 4G / Nexus 7 / OnePlus One)
· Install the game on TV devices (Apple TV /