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In the last two issues of Anthology, we’ve looked at the 3- and 5-stringed banjo—which is, by the way, in its earliest history the ancestor of both the mandolin and the guitar. But we’ve not yet looked at the 4-string banjo.

It’s no coincidence. The banjo, mandolin, and guitar share a common ancestor: the Spanish mando.

The banjo, invented in the New World in the early seventeenth century, is a five-stringed instrument, but one that does not have a keyboard or frets like the violin or guitar, but instead has a metal ring and four jingles, or frets. And it’s made from a different material, the American substitute for maple or spruce, known as cedar.

The instrument’s early development was driven by two developments in Europe. First, there was widespread new interest in lutes—previously only played in the court of the nobility and the church—since the end of the fifteenth century. These were, by modern standards, wonderful instruments, fantastically beautiful. But no one had any way of producing them in any quantity.

Ironically, it was the increasing availability of English oak tree wood, some of which was brought from the Americas by Columbus in the 1490s, which made the production of lutes possible. But until they were used as strings on various instruments, they were largely regarded as commodities, like oak furniture and fine horses and all sorts of goods that were made in England.

And so, in 1580, a group of London lutenists (there was no banjo called the luten before it was created) met to discuss the possibility of producing the instrument in England. Lute production, it seems, was a cottage industry, and could be done at home. This local collaboration at the wryly named “Jugs’ Hall” produced the “Robin Hood Guitar,” whose neck is so long that it is still a piece of modern art.

The second major development in the early 1580s was the introduction of a bunch of new instruments to England from central and eastern Europe. One of these was the lute—now, people

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