BallisticNG is a 2D old-school mix of Shoot ‘Em Up Action, Classic Arcade & Steampunk Action.
The game features 7 original soundtrack tracks from a wide array of talented music composers from the electronic music scene.
It’s now available for purchase on Steam!
Extras available on Steam:
– In-Game Wallpapers
– Fullscreen graphics options
– Playable in 4k!
– This game has no DRM. That means you can install it on as many computers as you want.
– You don’t need Origin to use BallisticNG.
– Work in progress, all bugs will be fixed.
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About the Developers:
Xpand Gaming Studio is a well-established indie video game developer from Nantes (France), founded in 2010. The studio has worked with strong partners like Focus Home Interactive, in order to produce games developed for PC and consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation4, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch, like Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne or Vampyr developed by Piranha Bytes.
Xpand Gaming Studio has a reputation for developing well-received video games and especially the Thrill of the Fight series of games, where the multiplayer has regularly received very favorable reviews.
In December 2017, Xpand Studios proudly announced the launch of its new studio, called BallisticNG, focused on the creation of old school action video games as they once were. More details about the project will be revealed soon.
The studio’s first game will be BallisticNG, a 2D old-school mix of Shoot ‘Em Up Action, Classic Arcade & Steampunk Action, available on PC in 2019.
A product of the independent game developer Xpand, founded in 2010. The studio has worked with strong partners like Focus Home Interactive, in order to produce games developed for


BallisticNG – Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Unique gameplay with a unique feel – A mobile SRPG.
  • Classic SRPG mechanics with a modern look!
  • Unique game world with large, open battle maps.
  • Beautiful pixel graphics and a beautiful soundtrack.

What is new in this version:

  • Added Easy Mode (optional).
  • Added New Key and Symphonic mode (optional).
  • Added Symmetry Fix (optional).
  • Added Optional Game Mode (Optional).
  • Added Cooperative Campaign Mode (Optional).
  • Added Episode Select (Optional).
  • Added Require Recheck (Optional).

What is new in 1.4:

  • Added Easy Mode (optional).
  • Added New Key and Symphonic mode (optional).
  • Added Symmetry Fix (optional).
  • Added Optional Game Mode (Optional).
  • Added Cooperative Campaign Mode (Optional).
  • Added Episode Select (Optional).
  • Added Require Recheck (Optional).

What is new in 1.3:

  • Added YouTube Promotion (Optional).
  • Crescent Hardfix (Optional).
  • Added Remote Play support (Optional).
  • Added Require Full Disk (Optional).
  • Added Episode Select (Optional).
  • Added Regeneration Change (Optional).

What is new in 1.2:

  • Added Push Notification support (optional).
  • Added Require Full Disk (Optional).
  • Added Intelligent storage management (Optional).


BallisticNG – Soundtrack Activator Free

Based on a vision of the future, BallisticNG is an action-packed journey through a deep space labyrinth filled with exotic planets and alien creatures. Immerse yourself into a surreal world full of imagination and creativity. Take on the role of a fearless android hunter and use the weapons at your disposal to find and destroy malicious antagonists. Discover forgotten worlds that will remind you of the classic adventures with an epic sci-fi setting.
* Download the BallisticNG soundtrack and experience electronic music with no boundaries and no limits.
* Over 5 hours of Electronic Music.
* Over 60 audio tracks.
* Explore colorful worlds.
* Cross the universe in a starship.
* Shoot your way across five diverse worlds.
* Fight, upgrade and recover your weapons.
* Shoot, upgrade and build your ship.
* Explore, fight and build.
Developed by: Eufloria Studios
Published by: Red Fly Studio
#Soundtrack #ElectronicMusic #ElectronicGames #PlayStationNetwork

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Last week we shared the trailer for Ballistic NG, a new PSN exclusive game from Eufloria Studios and Red Fly Studio. Today we are very excited to announce a brand new soundtrack by Soundtrack to Ballistic NG – featuring music from various artists including Atlanticore, Paradise Decay, Shem, Shiftdelete, Vonsnake and Xpand. The soundtrack will be available for download on PSN on Monday, March 3rd and will also be available for PS Vita.
Here is an official statement from the game’s developers:
“How can something so cool, sometimes even creepy, suddenly turn so sexy? Based on a science fiction future, we’re pretty excited to tell you that BallisticNG will be all about stylised fighting and it’s coming to PS3, PS Vita and PSN. For us, the aim was to deliver an approachable, arcade-style game that would work with both traditional and indie audiences, and for the soundtrack to be on a par with the game. The only challenge was that we needed to marry the game’s music with a lush, orchestral feel.”
“We asked a few of our favourite bands to give us tracks that suit the game and the direction we are taking. Some of them are even exclusive tracks, so you’re going to have to be quick when you


BallisticNG – Soundtrack Activation Code 2022


New Orleans! The perfect place to find Electronic music. The mix of both house and italo all rolled into one. A place where you can hear both the exaltation and agony of life and a place where you can escape reality just a little. Electronic music, particularly the newest, has not come across a place as good as New Orleans. In this pack you will find 5 hours of good music, this pack is free for BallisticNG subscribers.In this pack you will find 5 hours of good music, in the genre of house, electro, metal and everything in between. Enjoy a few bars, get a taste and enjoy. You can listen to them all in the radio or use the app for android to save for later. The genres all have a few familiar titles mixed with a few you will not have heard before, you will be surprised how many songs you recognise. The combination of both old and new brings you a selection of tracks with a wide selection of music from various artists. Once you have heard it, you will understand why New Orleans has to be the place for electronic music.

Key Features:


A 10-minute radio spot, broadcast 24/7, available on radios in-game and on the website. The radio is a cross-platform feature.

Apéro :

This tracks the features. It serves as a place to get all the essential information for a test round. It is also a place to send all your suggestions for future content.

Shelf :

This feature contains a bunch of games with the game and developer you already have. It contains games and game developers you have not heard of yet.

Community :

Community is a place where you can discuss the in-game features, games, skins, general on-line. On the top left side there are the developers that create the game you are currently playing, and the developers with the most votes. On the right side you will find players that discuss game features, developers, skins and everything that concerns the community. The lower left side has the latest topics, the discussions that create the dialogue of the community. Finally on the bottom right side there are topics.

Community has become a very important aspect of Ballistic. We look to create many communities such as this one, for you to get to know each other better and to interact with the other people. By participating in the community you help us grow. By visiting the forums you help us


What’s new in BallisticNG – Soundtrack:

by FG Productions

Newly recorded jazz band version from 2014

Groningen Public Library is presenting

Richard Egge’s most recent opera “De Onzige Verteller”

For several years, composer Richard Egge has worked with classical music composer or pianist Pierre Mertens as a composing team. Constrained to find new ways of adding jazz elements to his chamber compositions, he has turned to recordings of the trio La Maison Bleu in Paris where bassist Ugo Tura has admired him since he first began working with jazz in the early 1990s. (It was Ugo Tura, born in 1982, who played for Egge as a guest soloist at the Koninklijke Vlaamse Muziekgeselschap.)

Initially Egge wanted to use a piece from one of his greatest influences, Ferdinand Servaes (1927-1999). This composition, an impressionistic portrait of a woman waiting for a man, ended up with the text “Lied van Mette”. The song’s opening lines and the lyrics read: “The wind is rocking the boat”. In some musical treatments of Egge’s composition such as Nederlandse vreemdeling (“a composition commissioned for the Kongsintag in 2005) this woman is told there is a man whose coming she is impatiently waiting for, but the artist is also telling us this same man will never come. And there is something that settles into this woman’s desire and that becomes the source for her longing. It is not love, but a desire for the meeting. […]. A love as you might call it, if you were to want to make use of a Biblical word.” The music, derived from a work written for a female vocalist by the Dutch organist Lambert van Assche, has a slow tempo. A lovely melody, repeated by the soprano(s) throughout the piece. Another, quicker passage is back and forth between the melody and the gospel tenor solo. Egge’s music possess a rich expression and hints of feeling, with a blues or soul feeling to it.

After listening to recordings of artists he likes in the French jazz scene from the early 1990s on, Egge was impressed by the finesse, emotion and rhythmic power of the trio this would give him complete freedom. This was the context for how


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How To Crack BallisticNG – Soundtrack:

  • Download the file from the links below and extract it.
  • Run the executable and select installation folder options.
  • When installation completed, you are done.

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System Requirements:

To run VNTRO, you will need to have a powerful CPU/RAM combo:
– A high end computer will typically need to have at least 2GB of RAM and a quad-core or 6 core processor.
– A mid-range computer will typically need at least 1GB of RAM and a dual-core or 4 core processor.
– An older computer may not be able to run the game at all.
Important : Make sure you do not have any other game or any other program running when you start VNTRO.


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