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Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker

Professor Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker is Professor of History and Gender Studies at the Institut für Geschichte der Medizin und Sozialwissenschaften at the Medical University of Vienna, and is known for her research in the history of psychoanalysis. Her research focuses on gender relations in medicine and medical practices in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Selected publications
Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker: Der Gynäkologische Psychoanalytiker Hans Wenzler von Osten, 1882–1935, 2017.
Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker: ‘Gräfin Eugenia’, Eine Frau-Biographie 1908–2009, 2017.
Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker: Der rhein-Main-Verband der freiwilligen Krankenversicherungsmänner, 1914–1932, 2014.
Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker: Die Frauenärzte in der Wiener Mutterklinik. Klassenfeindlichkeit, parteiische Kulturpolitik und das „Noble“ Privatdetektivat, 1993.
Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker: „Regierung aller Frauen“. Zur gynäkologischen Reform und Erziehungshilfe 1845–1935, 1985.
Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker: “Deutsche Blicke und sittliche Aufmerksamkeit: ihre Bedeutung und ihre Verblendung” in: Helmut Greger und Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker: „Ehe und Geschlechtsreife“. Zur Geschichte der deutschen Ehe, hg. von Susanne Gengler-Fromentecker, Harald Schulze-Boysen, 2007.
Susanne Gengler-Fromente

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Looking for language based on sparse sketches

Lately I have been thinking of ways to do programming more efficiently, and I came up with the idea of having a language that runs on a handful of simple, universal data types, and where every program is a sketch of a sample expression and operations.
So, for instance, in the language we can have:

integers with finite precision
strings with finite precision
integers with finite precision and booleans

Then, given a sample expression like

We would find the closest existing implementation of it based on the similar sketches. If we had the following sketches:
(int, int, a)
(int, int, boolean)
(int, int)

…the expression would be translated to the closest constructor for the data types described in the sketches. It would not be necessary to generate code, because the language would already have methods to find any constructor for a given sketch. We could even provide a factory to automatically generate sketches, so that there could be an expression that was not statically analyzed. For instance, the factory could use something like a HashMap to create classes for the sketches.
Since the sketches could be very general, and based on the users’ needs, there could be different implementations, even if they were very similar. Also, it could be extremely expensive to generate such sketches and load them all up.
As an example, an implementation of the language could be a frontend that would retrieve two data types and a boolean (that were converted into whatever format the frontend was receiving), execute the sketch and render the result. All generated sketches would be stored and regenerated when the frontend was requested a new sketch.
I have been thinking of using Python for this, but am afraid of how much effort the conversion and ”

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How to persist to disk a huge data-set of prime numbers?

Is there a way to get the thousands of numbers of the prime numbers more than $2^10$ and less than $2^{11}$ into a file on disk? Are there good algorithms to find out if a number $n$ is prime or not?
It is my first time to work with the prime numbers, so I would like to know if you have already a method or a way to work with huge data-sets with which you can improve your knowledge and if it is possible to perform a computation with multiple threads.


For the first part, you could use the Sieve of Eratosthenes with an unbounded parallelism. This is a well-know algorithm to generate primes. See also the question Primes in a time window. For the second part, you should use C++11’s thread pool, i.e. the std::async class.
I suggest you to take a look to the Boost Library. You could, for example, use the algorithm Sieve of Eratosthenes as a template (see the documentation). Of course, this is just a very simple example. You could also use the other algorithms implemented in this library.

var searchData=
[Effect of dexmedetomidine on the recurrence of rejection after orthotopic liver transplantation].
To evaluate the effects of dexmedetomidine on the recurrence of rejection after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). A total of 68 patients undergoing OLT from February 2003 to December 2003 were divided into two groups, the dexmedetomidine group and the control group. The intraoperative dexmedetomidine dose was 1

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