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How to avoid MailQuartz to send email too early?

I’m using MailQuartz to do some local email sending. On my Ubuntu OS, when my application sends emails at 9AM, they are sent around 1:30PM. Why this is happening? How to control the sending time? I can set the email address to be sent, but i do not know how to control the sending time.


There isn’t any way to do it, unless you want to forgo the built-in mail server. The mail() function returns a pointer to a timestampt_t structure (per the manpage) which contains the time at which the message was actually delivered, not the time at which it was sent from the program.
Note that there are mail servers which are designed to efficiently deal with a large volume of email being sent and delivered. These are significantly more complex than simple programs which run once a day to send a mailing list of thousands of messages. If you need to send email and don’t have a system which can do it efficiently, you may need to devote more attention to the solution.

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