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it would be unfair to say that soul surfer is the first “superheroine” of the 21st century. but it certainly marks the beginning of a movement that has since given us a host of fascinating, flawed and genuinely wonderful female characters who, in their own way, have made a real contribution to pop culture.

with all this, one would think that the soul surfer is a perfect movie. it’s not. several flaws include a few overlong sequences, some of which seem to drag on for the sake of prolonging the action. there’s also some real cheesiness in places. and a couple of times, with the giant waves of north shore, we were treated to a perfect example of the kryten/fry “look at the awesome” moment. but then, soul surfer is more than just a love letter to the greatness of surfing. it’s a film that’s all about the power of teamwork, and the power of female friendship. and that’s enough to make any fan of superheroes and heroism smile.

the film has a thoughtful approach to both the past and the future, as it uses music, set design, and other techniques to explore a time of change. the cast includes an impressive lineup of local surfers, including the late pam long, who is quoted in the film as saying, “just because you are a wannabe doesn’t mean you cant be a wannabe.” other local surfers who appear in the film include the late doug labarre, who at one time was the reigning waimea champion, and “jungle” brad jones, the two-time asp world champion.

this documentary is a fun, funny, and informative look at one of the great local surfing spots on oahu. anyone who has ever ridden the waves there knows how to appreciate the gritty, raw beauty of the place. youll enjoy watching the local surfers in action, as well as hearing some of their stories about their experiences of surfing at waimea. the film is also a great way to introduce someone to the surf culture on oahu. and, if youre lucky enough to live there, you can see waimeas amazing beauty yourself.

We know these movies have been on the site before, but we couldn’t resist adding them here again. We include six episodes of the sitcom Star Trek: The Next Generation and two episodes of the animated series Batman: The Animated Series here. You can also watch a full two-hour Batman: The Animated Series here. Plus, the episodes are streaming in HD, unlike the previous releases.
A two-hour drama, the film features a diverse cast of characters whose stories take place against the backdrop of the surf, skateboarding, surfing and music scenes in and around California. The film is nominated for five Teen Choice Awards including Choice Movie Actress, and stars Keanu Reeves as main character Chad Everett, a boy who must overcome the death of his father, Chris, to manage the music scene of modern-day California. This film has a little bit of everything; from surfing, skateboarding, music and music videos, pier and beach scenes, and even a sexy and flirtatious turn by comedian Jim Gaffigan.
Honolulu’s Gina Gionfriddo doesn’t have a choice: She is, by necessity, the leading lady in this documentary about female surfers that follows the Orange County’s Twin Girls to all three major surfing competitions, from the West Coast to Hawaii to California. Gionfriddo was totally unknown at first, with no experience and even less muscle (she had a heart murmur and didn’t turn 18 until halfway through filming). But here she is, 10 pounds lighter and stronger than anyone else, playing her best game in her first years as a pro. By the end of this short film, fans will feel like they know Gionfriddo as well as the others: She’s a fierce competitor, tough to beat and with love in her heart for the sport.