Monument Builders: Alcatraz, overseer the construction of the most famous prison in the United States, while learning many other anecdotes along the way!
You are a mobster, Alcatraz is your last chance to make it to your retirement, but a rival faction, headed by your old work mate, the gangs didn’t make the cut.
Help contractor Lloyd Andrews gather the resources needed to complete work on the prison. Manage your workers skillfully to finish the levels in time, while repelling attacks from Call Palone’s hired thugs as they try to send your project to the bottom of the bay!
As the park superintendent, you have to keep a lid on things, maintain the facility, and keep a balanced budget. A park is about more than just building a landmark; you must have a spot for the kids to play, the homeless to sleep, and the tourists to eat and drink.
With the island now occupied, it’s up to you to manage the construction of an amusement park, and make sure this is the last time you’ll be on Alcatraz!

Your word for how to interpret the meaning of the game is hugely important!

I find that I’m getting a great deal more positive reaction for ‘Boss Fight 3’ than for anything I’ve published so far!

The feedback is great and tells me that I’m heading in the right direction, so I’m happy to put it all into the context of a whole trilogy!

I’m also seeing some real challenge to it, and I’d like to make sure I’m not too bitter at the game – I’d hate to fall into the trap of being disgruntled with something that makes money!

I’ve added some more work in today, and also tweaked the gameplay to make things more exciting.

It’s the first time that ‘Vampire Nightmare 2’ has been completed, and to be honest I’m a little bit disappointed that it’s won the most positive review of the whole series! ‘Vampire Nightmare 2’ was my attempt to get some interesting results in the world of gaming while avoiding the current trends (Trials, COD etc). To my relief, Vampire Nightmare 2 is the only one of the trilogy to be able to make at least $80 a year, so I’m thinking of expanding the series now.

I’m still rather puzzled about why the Triad theme appealed to some people so much, and so I won’t take part in any of the ideas


Features Key:

  • 3d tower game on grid with 144×144 size max.
  • game runs on 9 tiles (3×3) pattern.
  • Open Tower included.
  • Game runs on ARM CPU.
  • Each clone costs 500 energy.
  • Time Limit applied: 11 mins for 1 level.
  • Easy play without any trick to pass level.
  • Hello World screens availabe to play application.
  • Available backgrounds: Sand ground, Beach, Wasteland etc.
  • Barrier for attack.
  • Target ID available.
  • Daily Hints available.
  • Light blue energy to build tower.
  • Game includes 3 regions.
  • The evil tanks are attacking you.
  • The alarm rings when you damage.
  • Target ID displayed on screen.
  • IP-adress to play game at:
  • Game supports Apache 2 license.
  • Polygons is supported.
  • Game works offline.
  • Gpu upgrade is helpful because the tower can contains up to 20 build shelves.
  • The game totally free to use only browser.
  • You can send your screenshot / image uploaded via email
  • Game runs on any device (Desktop, iPhone, iPad)
  • Game runs on Mozilla Gecko


Alcatraz Builder License Key Download For Windows [Updated-2022]

No longer a place for criminals, Alcatraz now holds the best and brightest of America’s future. Prepare for a construction boom! New businesses and new projects are coming into the city, and you’re going to help them all come to life.
Go on the adventure of a lifetime and build the place we call home. Enjoy hours of compelling stories and exciting gameplay while you craft the tallest building in the city.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit us at We’re here to help you out!
Alcatraz Builder is a trademark of Rio Grande Software Inc.

LEGO® Women of NASA Challenge- Specially designed for girls ages 9 – 14, Girls of NASA is an educational computer game that introduces girls to the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
During their journey they discover the wide variety of careers available in the STEM fields through role-playing exercises and mini-games.
Your child will:
– Learn about the people and stories behind NASA and the history of space exploration
– Have the chance to build things and explore the use of science in real-world situations
– Learn about using computers and how our networks in the 21st century work
This game was created by the Girl Scouts of the USA to inspire girls to explore and to be part of an exciting, changing world!

Prison Break: Hell Freezes Over™ is a time trial puzzle adventure, set in a cold, wintry setting. You must escape a prison and make it to a helicopter to get out of the frozen landscape. Check out the trailer here:
You can download Hell Freezes Over on Steam at:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the grand finale for the Witcher series and it is awesome! Very immersive storyline, beautiful environments and HD graphics. It is a CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED GAME that will have you engrossed from beginning to end!

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Alcatraz Builder

Alcatraz, the legendary US prison, still stands on the tip of San Francisco bay. A prison that lasted more than 50 years, will eventually fall – but will you be there to raise the flag on the last day?

One of the most well-known landmarks in the USA, Alcatraz used to be the home to the worst criminals of San Francisco. It survived the earthquake, the fires and even the super-sized WWII bombs that exploded nearby.

You have been given the awesome task of helping the Builders and Security guards build the prison in a safe manner, even if that means shimmying on the roof. Manage your workers in order to build an Alcatraz that lasts a long time, repel attacks by the guards and outwit the infamous mobsters and thugs that go by the name of Call Palone! Learn about Alcatraz, the prison, the buildings that surround it, the island and the people that live there and get ready to save this ancient symbol of justice!

A couple of minutes of gameplay gives you access to the entire game, all 50 levels and plenty of useful resources that will help you learn how to manage your workers, survive your workplace and the wild nightlife in San Francisco in more ways than one!

Alcatraz is back! Help Lloyd Andrews gather the resources needed to finish the prison. Manage your workers to finish the levels in time, while repelling attacks by Call Palone’s hired thugs that are sent to destroy your project.

In Alcatraz Builder: Security you will learn more than just facts about the legendary prison. Learn about San Francisco, the island and about the notorious mobsters that attack your project.

Use your skill and cunning to build Alcatraz on time! Defend your site against mobsters and send them to the bottom of the bay!

Alcatraz Builder: Security is an unique, first person strategy game, which not only gives you the chance to save Alcatraz, but also gives you the chance to learn more about the history of the prison and of San Francisco.

Enjoy the freedom to manage the workers, advance in the game and learn about your new surroundings and Alcatraz itself.

On Alcatraz Island, the legendary prison in San Francisco Bay, you will build Alcatraz from scratch.

A prison that lasted more than 50 years, will eventually fall – but will you be there to raise the flag on the last day?


What’s new in Alcatraz Builder: