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Getting the lay of the land

Photoshop is loaded with _layers_, or areas that hold images or edits that you can apply to a layer at a later point in time. You can add several different layers of images to an image — for example, one for the image’s base, and another for the image’s reflection, which is shown in Figure 2-5. You can view the layers from the Layers panel at the top left of the Photoshop workspace (refer to Figure 2-4). The image at the top of Figure 2-5 is the base image, and the image below it is the reflection layer.

FIGURE 2-5: Add a separate layer for your image’s reflections.

You can create your layers in different ways. The Layers panel features three tabs:

* **New:** You can create a new layer from scratch using the New Layer button, as shown in the figure. After you add a new layer, you can manipulate it with the tools that are shown in this book’s accompanying margins. The Undo and Redo buttons are available as well. (See Chapter 10 for more about creating layers.)
* **Masks:** This tab, shown in the figure, enables you to create a mask. You use a mask to hide parts of your image.

Creating a mask is a great way to control areas of your image that you want to appear (or not appear) in your final print or onscreen image.

* **Contents:** If you want to create a layer that contains only the base image, you can use the Contents tab. You can use the same feature to display a layer that contains only a reflection, such as the one shown in the figure.

After you create a new layer or begin working with a layer that already exists in your image, you can select the same layer by clicking the name of the layer. The image preview appears in the preview area below the Layers panel, as shown in the figure.

Working with layers is the foundation of working with the most important tool in Photoshop, the Brush, as well as the fundamental aspects of using Photoshop’s selection tools. See Chapter 4 to get started with working with layers.

## Exposing Your Work


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An alternative to Adobe Photoshop that’s free for personal use

You can buy Photoshop Elements for $59.99, but you’ll have to jump through a series of hoops to make sure it actually works on your computer.

The process of making sure that it works will require another program, like GIMP, to help you.

You’ll need to pay $59.99 for a license, and then buy a printer if you want to print.

If you’re only going to use Photoshop Elements for a few images, you can save yourself money and frustration by using Photoshop’s freeware PhotoStitch or PhotoStackr instead. PhotoStitch is free and PhotoStackr costs just $5.

So, how do you get Photoshop Elements to work on your computer?

You can’t use the free version of Photoshop Elements, it won’t work. If you do want to try this, you need to sign up for a paid version of Photoshop Elements.

However, if you only need to edit a handful of images, you don’t need to worry about actually installing Photoshop Elements or paying $59.99 for a license.

To do so, you will need to use a program such as GIMP.

GIMP is an open source program that allows you to edit and create images just like Photoshop does. It’s free to use.

However, Photoshop Elements doesn’t work with GIMP and there aren’t any alternative programs that will. So, if you want to use Photoshop Elements, you’ll need to buy a license for Photoshop Elements, and you’ll have to get GIMP separately.

Your computer must be able to use the programs you need. You can’t use something like Wine and play the games you want on Steam. You also can’t use an emulator, like SimsPE, that will run Photoshop Elements on your computer.

If you’re comfortable with installing programs, you can follow these steps to try and use Photoshop Elements to create images.


Download Photoshop Elements Free

Launch Photoshop Elements

Enable your printer if you want to be able to print

Close Photoshop Elements

Launch GIMP

Change your background image in GIMP

Close GIMP

You can edit your images in GIMP or save them.

To do so, you’ll need to make a directory somewhere that you can access.

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Sustainable Design

The AIA also provides its members with a neutral framework for managing sustainable design standards and programs. The LEED rating system, Green Globes, and Energy Star qualifications are all examples of Sustainable Design accreditation programs.

Sustainable Design has grown since its beginnings in the early 1990s, and today there are several offerings to support sustainable design:

Sustainable Design Organizations: The AIA has an accredited program with the Green Building Council® that helps its members to implement a sustainable design approach in their projects. Accredited by Green Building Council® through AIA/COTE, it provides guidance on the actions and decisions that can be made to improve sustainability.

Sustainable Design Resources: The AIA offers an educational program to support and advance sustainable design. You can learn more about the Residential Component of the course here. The AIA also provides a variety of resources such as newsletter, the Green Directory and other tools to assist you in your project. AIA’s Sustainable Design Resources are available here.

Advocacy: The AIA supports its members’ ability to engage in sustainability advocacy with powerful tools such as web-based learning experiences, face to face forums, hosting of international symposia, and ongoing communications. The AIA hosts an annual Sustainable Design Symposium that brings together the most forward-thinking architects and their teams to share ideas and stories.

General Practice: The AIA can assist in educating your clients about sustainable design considerations, from a larger policy perspective to simply delivering better design for energy efficiency. The AIA is a leader in this area. The AIA’s Energy Action Plan was developed to help clients adopt more sustainable practices. You can learn more about this program here.

Research: The AIA has established a sustainable design research office to support the development of practices, policies, and measures in the field. Research was initiated over a decade ago with a focus on sustainable design in the built environment, but the office now serves as a resource to support all of the AIA’s other programs. Research topics include sustainable design effectiveness, energy and water use, and green building certification. To learn more about the AIA’s Research Office, click here.

Supporting Technology: The AIA has established the Sustainable Technology Committee, which provides comprehensive recommendations related to information technology (IT) and supports the adoption of sustainable technology, particularly in the Built Environment.

Sustainable Design Resources

The AIA offers

What’s New in the?

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