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A Pdf Content Splitter 484 Keygen For 14

It’s easy to create customized document templates for the 10 document types A Pdf Content Splitter includes with the software. The templates are included as bitmap images, or you can create your own with Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Illustrator.

Once you create your document, A Pdf Content Splitter will automatically search for keywords from the title, content and company fields. It then organizes them into groups that you can copy or move to different folders.

You have full control over the location and name of the folder to which you move the document. A Pdf Content Splitter also lets you give a name to the category, which will be displayed in the context menu when you open the documents.

You can choose how often A Pdf Content Splitter updates the documents. You can also set how many days old the documents are allowed to be before being auto-deleted. Optionally, you can allow users to add comments to each document.

Optional software includes color-coded documents for quick, easy identification by color. A Pdf Content Splitter supports CSV exports, and you can also select to automatically save each newly created document as a new file, or have the program update existing documents instead.

A Pdf Content Splitter comes with command-line help, which you can use to list or modify the location and name of each folder. You can also filter by keywords. A Pdf Content Splitter supports multi-threading, which means you can process multiple documents at once. You can either use A Pdf Content Splitter standalone or use it as a client to our vistaSPHERE solution, as needed.

A-PDF Content Splitter is a utility that lets you split Acrobat files into smaller pdf files based on location and text information within the files. It can be used to split composite PDF documents (such as invoices, reports or payroll) into separate files by keywords such as invoice number, account number or employee name. A command line version is included also.
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